Islamic Secondary School in Rotterdam to Take on Christian School Association Management

The Islamic secondary school in Rotterdam which has been involved in a scandal over unauthorized early access to final exams, now faces different management.  There had been calls for the school, which also faces financial problems, to close down. Rather, NOS reports that the school is to be run by a Christian secondary school association for the coming years.

Anti-Islam Politician to Step Up International Campaign

27 December 2013


In an interview with NOS television anti-Islam politician Geert Wilders announced that he will step up his campaign on an international level in 2013. The PVV leader claims he will “fight” Islam “from Australia to America, from Switzerland to wherever.”


Update: Dutch Ship Leaves Moroccan Waters

October 5 2012


A yacht operated by the Dutch organization Women on Waves has left the waters of Morocco’s coastline, escorted to international waters. The organization only announced an intention to sail to Morocco after a boat had safely anchored in the harbour at Smir. Although initially the organization claimed their boat had been stopped from entering the harbour by a navy ship, the campaign boat, a small pleasure yacht, was already inside. The organization does maintain a larger ship with the capacity to carry out abortions on board, but this was not present in the Moroccan campaign. According to NOS the organization has confirmed that the journey to Morocco was aimed at generating publicity.

Moroccan Dutch Politicians Discuss Their Role in Islam Debate

9 November 2011

Moroccan Dutch politicians recently gathered in Utrecht to hold a debate regarding their work as political representatives and the position of Muslims in the Netherlands, NOS reports. The debate was an initiative by Labour councilor Latif Hasnaoui. Topics included those which will impact Muslims in the Netherlands, such as the proposed bans on ritual slaughter, circumcision, and the headscarf. The debate also involved conversation about the balance the politicians strike between speaking for Muslim supporters and adhering to their party’s political line.


“Several” Dutch Nationals Involved in International Jihad

13 September 2011


The Dutch Security Services indicated that ‘several’ Dutch nationals are involved in holy war in foreign countries. The comment was made to NOS television by the head of the Dutch security services, though no further details were provided. DutchNews reports that these individuals may attack Dutch or Nato operations in risky countries or return home with concrete plans to attack their home base.