Mullah Krekar Behind Bars

July 12

The ever controversial Mullah Krekar, one of the founders and original leader of the Kurdish Islamist group Ansar al-Islam, has been confirmed indicted for threats made last summer against the head of Norway’s Conservative Party (Høyre), Erna Solberg. The threats were made during a press conference for international media in June last year, where Krekar said that if he was killed after being forcibly sent out of Norway, the person responsible for his expulsion would also be killed. Solberg was specifically named.

Siv Jensen, of the far right-wing Fremskrittspartiet, who originally reported Krekar for the threats against Solberg, says she hopes he will be convicted this time. Krekar answers he has three main enemies, the Norwegian right, Norwegian Intelligence, and Norwegian Media.

Calm demonstrations

Awaiting last Friday’s protests against the re-publications of the Muhammad caricatures, Norwegian Media and Muslim representatives worried about aggressive and violent demonstrations. But the demonstration (which attracted in between 2500-3000 persons) is reported to have been calm and orderly. Even so, 24-year old Mohyeldeen Mohammad from Larvik, Norway hinted at the possibility of terror attacks in Norway in a recent speech.