Lippestad: ”Breivik will come out again”

July 29, 2012


Norwegians need to be prepared to the fact that Breivik will be coming out from prison and will join the society again: that is what Breivik’s lawyer, Geir Lippestad, told the NRK (Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation) journalists. He added: “We do not have lifetime sentence in Norway”.


Be it that Breivik is sentenced to prison or psychiatric care he will eventually be released – even if he an old man. Lippestad has spend much time on understanding why Breivik categorizes people in various broad categories instead of viewing and judging people in accordance to their individual merit. Lippestad explains: “What has been interesting to observe is that people with such a totalitarian and one-dimensional worldview (i.e. Breivik) quickly adjust their opinions when they meet or see a person who does not fit their categorization. Women and Muslims he (Breivik) had met and who deviate from his categories are always an exception”.

E-Service – Norwegians have received terrorist training

July 1, 2012


Army General Kjell Grandhagen (Director of Norwegian Intelligence Services) has confirmed that several Norwegians have been trained in conflict regions abroad.

He did not comment specific cases, such as the one mentioned by The (British) Sunday Times claiming that one Norwegian convert would be used to attack an American plane. ”We are familiar with the fact that Norwegians have attended training camps around the world”, Grandhagen explained to the Norwegian Broadcasting Cooperation (NRK). The General further expressed his concern about a trend where Norwegian youth could be recruited by al-Qaida. “The fact that people travel abroad to conflict regions to be trained, opens up possibilities that they could return as terrorists. The best way to prevent such development is for citizens to be alert and report any suspicious activities.” The Sunday Times quotes intelligence sources which claim that the Norwegian youth in question converted in 2008 upon which he traveled to Yemen receiving several months training.

Prisoners convert to Islam to protest lack of halal food

A dietary conflict at the Ringerike prison in Norway has provoked many prisoners to convert to Islam. The conversion is a demonstration of sympathy with Muslim inmates after authorities refused to supply halal meat during Ramadan. An anonymous inmate told the NRK (Norwegian Broadcasting) that the support of their fellow inmates may have occurred due to their hearing of the message of Islam, rather than as an act of protest.