“Mosques in Italy:” The Northern League and Muslims in confrontation

January 14, 2014


On Friday January 17th laws, rights and the overall distrust. The conference is titled “the Northern League and Young Muslims in confrontation” and will take place in Bologna. The Northern League will be represented by Umberto Bosco, board member of the Emilia party. Representing the Young Muslims will be Yassine Lafram, from Turin and of Moroccan origin.

Bosco promises that the event “will bring about a heated but civil debate between supposedly antipodal positions. The topic of the mosques is very controversial but little known, and the debate will not be a simple opportunity to reiterate the familiar opposition of the Northern League to their construction, but the opportunity to clarify and argue its position.”


Modena 2000: http://www.modena2000.it/2014/01/14/moschee-in-italia-lega-nord-e-musulmani-a-confronto-venerdi-a-bologna/

Some schools cancel Christmas performances: League Sends Letter

December 17, 2013


“Reports received from some schools in Turin show that performances of a classic children’s Christmas play will not be organized or there will be a play but without any reference to the Nativity and the Catholic religion, to avoid offending the growing number of Muslims who attend local schools. In all cases, individual headmasters make this decision.

“If this report is confirmed it would be a very serious matter” said the Northern League’s Roberto Carbonero in a letter to the City’s schools. “It is not acceptable to favor uncontrolled immigration over our citizens, our children, who now must give up their own traditions and their own culture. In our schools we should not be ashamed of the Catholic base of our society and our history.”


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Storm Erupts in Reaction to the Care-Giver Veil Case: Sparks fly between the League and Pd (Democratic Party)

Arese – Tatiana Rotar was fired because she wore a headscarf. Starting October 1 the legal dispute will likely bring together Tatiana Rotar, the 26 year old Ukrainian domestic helper who converted to Islam two months ago and her former employers. The case has divided the town of Varese.


Among the two sides are those who understand the family’s choice to fired Rotar (the young woman claims she was fired for her choice to wear the veil) and those who condemn the choice.


“There is a law that prohibits dismissal for religious reasons” says Sandy Cane, mayor of Viggiù, a black American and a party member of the Northern League “But you have to see how her religious choice would affect her work. And we need to see where this choice comes from. It was converted after meeting her Muslim boyfriend. I already take that as a sign of weakness. Many could presume that this woman was greatly influenced. She did after all, convert after meeting her Muslim boyfriend.“


Cane does not think this is racist: “I do not think that the dismissal after she wore the veil comes from racism. I believe comes from an understandable concern. As Islam today is not associated with peaceful images or scenarios.”


This is a Civil Rights issue says Stefano El- fennèe a Moroccan Muslim and spokesman for the Pd Luvinate. “It is unfair and I think that this girl will be shown this by our judicial system” he says “the system must evaluate the work of a person, not his/her religious faith. In this case there is not an objective reason for her dismissal rather it is subjective. Does a nun fulfill her mission any less because she wears a veil? And again, is it better to have a caregiver who is beautiful and wears a short skirt but treats her patients terribly or a caregiver with the veil that instead takes good care of persons in her charge?”

Salvini (Northern League): “Kyenge in a mosque? Is she in the Arab League’s Pocket?”

The League’s deputy secretary discussed the meeting between the Minister of Integration Cècile Kyenge and Muslim religious leaders. “They’ll take the eight mosques per thousand people and put the veil on women”

The visit of Kyenge the Grand Mosque of Rome yesterday passed quietly. Due to the wishes of the minister who wished to make the meeting almost “private,” routine, and away from the spotlight.

The visit, however, did not escape the deputy secretary of the Northern League Matteo Salvini, which in a few months may lead the party. The visit became the subject of yet another attack on the minister of integration.

“Today Mrs. Kyenge visited the mosque in Rome. Indeed this is a priority for Italians,” said Salvini on his Facebook page.

“It seems” added the Salvini “she has also discussed a future agreement between the Italian state and the Muslim community. Fine, but this agreement would allow eight Mosques per thousand and allow the veil on women.”

“What about Kyenge’s salary?” concludes Salvini “is she paid for by the Arab League?”


The Northern League: No Muslims Living Here

August 16, 2013

The Northern League led protests against the Municipality of Trento for having granted a cultural association Islamic center with space for a residential complex north of the city. “We wonder if the City is planning to take charge of the utilities including water, electricity and gas for these rooms,” said the Northern League, which explains that “this kind of association cannot be safely used as a place of worship and as a residential space, it cannot be made for this function.”

Minister of Integration considers the position of the Northern League on Islam as “dangerous”

July 30, 2013

The Minister of Integration, Cécile Kyenge, “affirms that the notion that the Islamic population wants to impose Islam on the Italian civilization and this is dangerous.” said Lorenzo Fontana, leader of the Northern League in the European Parliament, just before Kyenge’s visit to the European Parliament in Verona scheduled for next Sunday. “The Northern League” says Fontana “challenges Kyenge and the EU parliment. The European Parliament has stated that it wants to abolish the crime of illegal immigration and to teach, by law, Italian children Arabic, so they are able to integrate better with their classmates from the Arab world.” Fontana also reiterates opposition to integration is different than in other part of the world especially in under populated countries that need new citizens. Fontana asserts that “this is not the case in Italy and in the Veneto region, where the population density is high and young people are unemployed or underemployed.”

For his part, another Northern League Minister, Mario Borghezio, says that inviting Kyenge to party functions as “laudable and understandable” but also “unnecessary.” For Borghezio “the League militants who are hard-core – even electorally – are the living soul of the Movement and do not change even in response to acts or invitations.” “Racism” concludes the minister “does not matter at all: it is just a matter of Northern common sense.”

Islam: Bitonci to Alfano and Kyenge: In Padua, Open Mosques Become Hotels

July 1, 2013


“It’s just a matter of money” some members of the Moroccan community in Padua say they quarreled among themselves about economic issues and, it seems, can no longer pray together. For this reason they want another mosque, in a district which is already suffering, where integration is made impossible by immigrant riots who are without work. Numerous places of worship are transformed, little by little, into shelters, kitchens and hotels, as seen in the Bengali mosque in Via Jacopo da Montagnana. So Bitonci Massimo, president of the Northern League, has submitted an urgent request to ministers Alfano and Kyenge: “Padua is dying. Tourists and young people do not know how to spend thier free time. Do you want a curfew imposed on the center premises, because there is little investment into the city. The case is emblematic of Via Bernina: where there was a disco, now you want to raise another mosque. The project of the municipality is revealed: to transform our city to another Mecca, from which young people and entrepreneurs are forced to flee, while the various forms of humanity that revolve around places of worship create makeshift shelters.”

The Terrorism Threat: No opening to Islam, Statement by the Northern League

12 June 2013


“The arrest of Anas El Abboubi is yet another demonstration that Islamic extremism has taken root and is a looming threat. Radicalism is increasingly widespread among those who grew up in our country; even though they apparently seem to have accepted our rules of civil coexistence. While the policy underestimates phenomena of this kind that could cause disastrous consequences for our security and our future, despite the scarcity of resources, we thank the police station in Brescia who were able to intervene. The fear is that their work will soon be resized and disheartened by the government’s next steps on immigration, security and justice.” Said a statement by the provincial secretary of the Northern League Fabio Rolfi and the communications manager of the Northern League David Caparini.

Islam in Schools? Cantone what do you think? Asks deputy governor Michele Guerra

June 4, 2013


Michele Guerra gran consigliere for the Northern League, raises awareness about education of Islam in schools to the Canton government and raises questions about Islam in Ticino.


The deputy refers in particular an interview appeared recently through the Cdt to an Ticino Imam. The Imam confirmed that Islam is a reality in Europe and due to this it should be taught in public schools to stop prejudice acts and worse, terrorism.


According to Guerra this proposition is “disconcerting.”


Islam, explains Guerra, “represents a recent minority especially for Ticino. In the second place, it’s not certain that education in public schools would deter acts of vandalism or terrorism.”


Guerra, who is against teaching Islam in schools, he has appealed to the State government to stop the Imam’s proposition.

Against an Islam Center of Peri, Fontana: “Worries are well-founded”

June 6, 2013


Solidarity in Verona by the Brussels Northern League and citizens who have advanced a petition: “There is little difference between a cultural space and a mosque”

There were demonstrations against the Islamic Center of Peri in the city of Dolcè. Following a petition organized by some of the citizens of Verona, to push for more restrictions, Lorenzo Fontana, Head of Delegation of the Northern League to the European Parliament, wanted to express his support for the demands of the people of Verona.

“This is a delicate situation” explains Fontana “too often we had to take note of how subtle, in some cases, the difference between Islamic cultural center and mosque. The number of citizens who have expressed their concerns by signing a petition testifies to legitimate concerns.” Given that the concerns are arising from the social impact that an Islamic center would produce in the community and the importance of compliance with the safety standards at its core. Fontana explains “I hope that the request of citizens to be involved in the decision, via a public meeting should not ignored by the mayor and the council, which will have to assume responsibility to carry out a careful check on the compliance with health and urban planning of the initiative. “