Salafi bombing attempt in Bonn

May 22


The German Federal Office for Criminal Investigation has found a DNA track belonging to the Salafi Marco G. He has been suspected for planning and executing a bomb attempt at the central station of the city of Bonn in Fall 2012. However the attempt failed. There is little information about the 25 years old Marco G. who comes from Oldenburg, a small city in North Germany. It is said that Marco G. converted to Islam a few years ago and speaks perfectly Arabic.

Police Officer Identified as “Hate Preacher”

The Hessian Office for the Protection of the Constitution found that Roman R., a 40-year-old police officer from Frankfurt, appears on the Internet under the name “Abu Bilal” to preach the Quran, call for an Islamic state, and promote conversions to Islam. Following a report by the “NDR” (a broadcasting corporation from North Germany), Roman R. has close links to the Salafist network “Dawa FFM”; he uses their homepage to disseminate his views, especially those relating to (unveiled) female dress habits that allegedly do not align with Islamic beliefs. Salafists are known as especially extreme jihadis; they aim for an Islamic state and the introduction of Sharia law.


While Roman R. is not actively working for the police any more, he still receives a large share of his salary. So far, there is not criminal prosecution; however, the police investigate internally.