French commission set to publish recommendations on burqa in January 2010

This article points to the rise in popularity of the National Front in the polls alongside the Swiss minaret ban, in the context of the commission on niqab and burqa-use in France headed by André Gerin. It will make its recommendations in January 2010.

The Niqab Commission Reveals Debate in France’s Muslim Community

Le Monde describes the tensions and divisions emerging in the French Muslim community around the wearing of the niqab in the country. One group has organized a petition with 5700 signatures against the “anti-Islamic” procedures of the government. Libération presents an interview with Olivia Cattan from the Voices of Women Association (association Paroles de femmes) who warns of not focusing too much on the burqa and remembering oppression against women that is also less visible outside of Islam.

See also this audio-clip of André Gerin saluting President Sarkozy’s decision to hold a commission, here.