Sarkozy courting Muslims, accused of arranging for ‘Halal Bus’

News Sources – March 16, 2012

The UMP, the party led by Nicolas Sarkozy, is courting Muslims, and reportedly made long-distance buses available to them with separate sections for women and men. The buses were used to bring them to the large elections rally the presidential candidate held on Sunday in Villepinte. The head of the ”Diversities” section of Sarkozy’s election campaign Patrick Karam, brusquely denied the news. ”We have never engaged in this type of separation. We simply made specific buses available to some Muslim associations.”

French teenager beaten for not fasting during Ramadan

News Sources – August 15, 2011

A 17 year-old young man was discovered tied up in an apartment in Miramas (Bouches-du-Rhône) and had been beaten up by a family member for not fasting during Ramadan. Firefighters and police responded around 10pm, after neighbors heard moans and noticed a water leak from the apartment upstairs. Emergency services found the young man, a French citizen born in Algiers. He was certified by a doctor as incapacitated for work for 15 days.

French far-right MP stripped of EU parliamentary immunity

News Sources: May 10, 2011

The European Parliament stripped parliamentary immunity from French far-right MEP Bruno Gollnisch following a complaint of “incitement to racial hatred.”
French authorities will interview Gollnisch after asking for the move, following a complaint over an October 2008 press release issued by Rhone-Alpes regional authorities near Lyon, which Gollnisch led, that cited “the invasion of our land and the destruction of our culture and values” by Islam.