Dutch Mosques Release Statements of Tolerance

August 1, 2014

The Netherlands’ Council of Mosques and the Union of Dutch Moroccan Mosques are emphasizing tolerance and opposing anti-Semitic sentiment. Both organizations are concerned with increases in violence and expressions of hatred towards Jews and Muslims. The Council of Mosques has adopted a declaration expressly criticize Muslims guilty of anti-Semitic incidents. Regarding such incidents, a spokesman for the Islamic organizations commented that “there are many people who claim to use the freedom of speech. We are not opposed, but in this country we have to be protective of one another.”

According to the mosques, it is not prohibited to criticize Israel, but this is not a license for anti-Semitic nor anti-Muslim statements or actions. The declaration reads, “Jews in the Netherlands are brothers of the holy book and maintain a fraternal relationship”.

According to the spokesman for the organizations, almost all mosques in the Netherlands are working along with the declaration.