65% support ban on large mosques

According to a large survey organized by TV program Netwerk and the newspaper Nederlands Dagblad, 65% of Dutch either ‘agree’ or ‘completely agree’ that there should be a stop on the building of new, large mosques. Also relayed from the survey, is the concern over the growth and influence of Islam in Dutch society, and a simultaneous majority concern about the negative manner in which Geert Wilders and his Party for Freedom discuss Islam. 59% of Dutch think that Islam, in 40 years, would be at least as important an aspect in Dutch society as Christianity is today. 57% of respondents also say that the increase in the number of Muslims poses a threat to Dutch culture, and 53% say that it threatens freedom of religion. In addition, 61% responded that radical Islam in the Netherlands would not disappear on its own. A total of 1386 people were questioned in the survey on Islam in the Netherlands.

50% of teachers in Muslim schools are not Muslim

According to the newspaper Nederlands Dagblad with data from the Muslim school organization ISBO, at least half the teachers in Muslim elementary schools in the Netherlands are not Muslim. However, the number of Muslim teachers in Muslim schools are increasing; in 1996, just 25% of elementary teachers were Muslim, compared not to half – as more and more Muslims get a teacher’s education. According to principals of Muslim schools, most non-Muslim teachers have a Christian background. ISBO manager Yassin Hartog says that if no qualified Muslim teachers are available, people of the book are preferred, though they are asked to respect the Muslim religion.