IS Tweet: Dutchman commits suicide attack

According to information from the website Intelligence Group, an online jihadmonitor, a Dutch jihadi committed a bombing attack. The attack is said to be committed at the entrance of a police head quarter in Syria or Iraq and to have caused tens of victims.

The National Coordinator counter-Terrorism and Safety (NCTV) cannot confirm the news and the identity of attacker remains unknown.

Tens of children involved in jihad-travel

There is a relatively high amount of children involved in ‘jihad-travel’, according to data from the National Coordinator counter-Terrorism and Safety (NCTV). 25 from a total of 33 children were supposed to leave together with their family, 8 out of 33 where planning to leave individually.

The last two years, around 160 people have left the Netherlands. 18 of them have died. Around 100, among them around 30 women, are still in Syria or Iraq. 30 have already returned to the Netherlands.

The level of threat is still ‘substantial’, which means that the chance of terrorist attack is considered likely.

Support centre for families of jihadis

The National Coordinator counter-Terrorism and Security (NCTV) has plans to establish an independent support centre for families of jihadis and potential jihadis. According to Karima Sahla, who work for ‘Sabr’, an organization in city of The Hague that supports parents of (potential) jihadis, this is needed. Parents are extremely worried about their children and afraid for the phone-call that will tell them there child has become a martyr. It is important that the employees in this centre get trained in how to deal with this specific group, in order to assure quality and an ability to emphasize with the families.

Increasing Surveillance of ‘Radicalisation’ and Travel to Syria for Muslims in the Netherlands

April 3, 2014


According to national newspaper AD, in the Netherlands some 5,000 individuals will be trained to recognize signs of ‘radicalisation’ among young Muslims. They will include teachers and police officers. AD bases its claims on confidential documents from the counter-terrorism body NCTV and security service AIVD.

Additionally, surveillance of youth who have travelled to Syria is increasing. The surveillance will reportedly be carried out by trained police officers who will be charged with openly monitoring the youth. So far, 13 youth have had their passports withdrawn, several dozen have lost social security benefits, and on four occasions individuals have had their financial resources frozen.

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Dutch NCTV Terror Threat Remains “Substantial”

February 24, 2014


The terrorist threat in the Netherlands remains ‘substantial’, according to the latest threat report from the Dutch counter terrorism body NCTV. The risk remains at this level due to ongoing concerns about residents traveling to Syria to engage in armed conflict. NCTV says some 100 Dutch nationals have so far travelled to Syria, of whom some 70 remain in the country.

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Update: Netherlands Refuses Passports to Youth Planning Syria Travel

February 21, 2014


Update: Ten youth have now been refused a Dutch passport on the grounds that security services suspect the individuals may be planning to go to Syria. The spokesman for NCTV, the Dutch counter-terrorism unit, told broadcaster NOS that the passport applications were blocked because of fears the youth would return ‘radicalized and traumatised’. This follows an NCTV announcement two weeks ago that the passports of eight youth planning to travel to Syria had been declared null and void. Spokesman Edmond Messchaert announced that those who disagree with the passport denial could apply to the courts.

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Netherlands Raises Terror Threat Level From Limited to Substantial

March 13 2013


The Dutch National Counterterrorist and Safety Coordinator (NCTV) has raised the threat of a terror attack in the Netherlands from “limited” to “substantial”. The government’s anti-terror organization made the announcement on the grounds that increased risk stems from radicalized individuals returning to the country from fighting in the Middle East, specifically Syria. In a statement the NCTV said, “the number of those jihadists travelling from the Netherlands to Syria has rapidly increased… There is a risk that those who travel for jihad pick up experience in conflict areas and upon return to the Netherlands form a threat because they could come back radicalized, traumatized and willing to commit violence.”


In related coverage, immediately preceding the elevation of the national threat level, Nos television reported that up to 100 Dutch Muslims are currently fighting in Syria and other countries such as Afghanistan and Somalia.  According to Nos, the Netherlands is one of the biggest suppliers of European fighters, some affiliated with the Al Nusra movement which aims to create an Islamic state in Syria.