Critics Dismiss Canadian Imans’ Declaration of Values

The National Post – August 13, 2010
A declaration of fundamental Islamic values recently released by the Canadian Council of Imams and signed by more than 50 Muslim religious leaders is “completely meaningless” and a result of a “medieval mindset,” says the founder of the Muslim Canadian Congress. The council’s declaration is a series of seven points posted on its website and distributed to mosque leaders across Canada. Its signatories seek to affirm common Islamic values — including the belief in peaceful coexistence, the need for Muslims to engage in civic life and the assertion that Islam doesn’t permit the killing of innocent people “regardless of their creed, ethnicity, race, or nationality.”
For Tarek Fatah of the MCC, however, the declaration is a “lost opportunity.” It doesn’t include a strong affirmation of the separation of mosque and state or that the mosque is no place for political activity; it doesn’t demand that women be allowed to sit in the front row of mosques or be allowed to become imams; and most importantly, the declaration doesn’t denounce the theory of armed jihad, Mr. Fatah said.
Imam Habeeb Alli, secretary of the Canadian Council of Imams, said the goal of the declaration was to educate the Canadian public on the common values of Muslim religious leaders. It was also a proactive way, he said, to address questions from journalists about the beliefs of Canadian imams.

Canadian Imams Condemn Radical Islam

The National Post – August 13, 2010

A group of Canadian imams on Friday denounced radical Islam in a joint statement that promotes peace and calls for equality between men and women. The seven point declaration, signed by 38 influential clerics belonging to the Canadian Council of Imams is meant to be read in hundreds of mosques across Canada at the start of Ramadan.

“We hope this declaration will make our stance and the views of the silent majority of Canadian Muslims on a variety of issues loud and clear. It represents unprecedented unanimity among Canada’s mainstream Muslim leaders on many issues currently viewed as controversial among non-Muslims, and we expect it to reverberate around the world,” the group’s Chairman Imam Dr. Hamid Slimi says in a statement on their website.