Muslim police ‘are in short supply’ – survey

Muslims are in short supply in the police force, particularly in specialist units like counter-terrorism, a survey by the National Association of Muslim Police (NAMP) and Demos has revealed. Of the 2374 officers working in counter-terrorism, just 27 are Muslims. And of the 4,630 inspectors and chief inspectors, just 30 are Muslims. The survey pointed out that while 3.3 per cent of the UK population are Muslims, they only make up 0.75 per cent of the police service. “Muslim officers are primarily concentrated in lower ranks, mainly constable. In specialist departments Muslim officers are largely absent. The obvious point is the lack of Muslim officers involved in countering terrorism, given the threat at the present time from violent extremist Islamist groups linked to al-Qaida,” NAMP said.
While acknowledging that it was not only Muslims that could understand terrorist activity, NAMP added that “officers with a cultural, religious or linguistic understanding of the individuals most likely to be involved in these groups could be an invaluable head start”. Recruiting more Muslim officers in this sector was “a matter of priority”.

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