Spanish Muslims celebrate Eid Al-Adha

October 15, 2013


Between one and a half million to two million Muslims in Spain celebrated Tuesday the Eid Al – Adha or Feast of Sacrifice.

According to Manuel Escudero , the vice-president of the Islamic Council in Spain, ” the economic crisis will affect this celebration . There are families that are are experiencing great difficulties “, he said .

Another issue of major concern to the Spanish Muslims in this data is to have the flexibility from their employers to miss a work day in order to participate in the celebration of Eid Al-Adha.



Demographic study of the Muslim population in Spain

17 February 2013Población+1

In terms of national origin, the two main Muslim groups in Spain are the Spanish and the Moroccan, adding now the growing Pakistani group (a majority in some towns like Barcelona and Valencia); being the rest divided among different nationalities considered in the census made by the Observatorio Andalusi and the Union of Islamic Communities of Spain (UCIDE), for the year 2012.

By its geographical location, the Muslim settlements are higher in the southeastern half of the country, Andalusia, Catalonia, Madrid and Valencia, followed by Murcia, and the clear percentage of Ceuta and Melilla; having smaller presence in the northwest quadrant of the Peninsula.

The reasons to migrate and even to move around Spain are related to the economic crisis; to the search for employment and better life conditions.

Summary of the Demographic Study of Muslims in Spain

The number of Muslims in Spain has reached almost 1.6 million (1,595,221), of which 1.1 million are foreigners in opposition to the 464,978 Spanish Muslims, according to the exploitation of the census of the Muslims in Spain made by the Andalusian Observatory, the autonomous body of the Union of Islamic Communities of Spain (UCIDE).

The study reveals that the community with the highest number of Muslim citizens is Catalonia with 427.138 Muslims from which 66.029 are Spanish; and 361.109 are foreign; followed by Andalusia, with 252,927 Muslims from which 93,579 are Spanish and 159,348 are foreign; and Madrid, with 248,002 Muslims from which 123,952 are Spanish and 124,050 are foreigners.

On the other hand, communities with fewer people professing Islam are Cantabria, with 4.146 Muslim citizens (472 Spanish and 3.674 foreign Muslims); Asturias with 6.386 Muslims (677  Spanish and 5.709 foreign Muslims); and Galicia, with 13,151 Muslims (1.647 Spanish and 11. 504 foreign Muslims).


Muslims represent about 3% of the total population of inhabitants.

30% of Muslims is Spanish while 70% are immigrants (50% Moroccans and 20% of other nationality).

90% of the Muslim students have no Muslim religion classes.
90% of the Teachers of Muslim religion are unemployed.

5% of Islamic religious communities have no mosque or oratory.

95% of the Islamic communities have no cemetery.


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Tatary: UCIDE The project is based on the unity of all Muslims in Spain

28 November 2012

Riay Tatary, President of the Union of Islamic Communities of Spain and General Secretary of the Islamic Commission of Spain participated on Wednesday, November 28 at the seminar “Public policies for managing religious diversity in Spain and Latin America” organized by the Law School of the University of Extremadura. Upon completion of his speech he was asked by one of the attendees about the current situation of the Muslims in Spain, to which he said “the UCIDE project is based on the unity of all Muslims in Spain in our communities and the defense of democratic principles. ”

Shia Muslims celebrate the Shura


Hundreds of Shiite Muslims in Spain commemorated this weekend the day of Ashura, the anniversary of the martyrdom of the third Shiite Imam, Imam Hussein along with his 72 companions.
In Spain’s capital, Madrid, the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran organized religious ceremonies from the first day of the month of Moharam which hosted both Muslims and Christians of Spain.
In the capital of the of Catalonia, Barcelona, also similar acts where staged such as religious processions, despite the process of Catalan elections were held on Sunday.

More than a million and a half Muslims in Spain celebrate the Feast of the Sacrifice

26 October 2012

More than a million and a half Muslims in Spain celebrate the Feast of  the Sacrifice in which they must sacrifice a lamb in remembrance of the moment when God asked Abraham’s sacrifice of his eldest son, and then changed it to a lamb.
Furthermore, this event is the culmination of the pilgrimage to Mecca that currently millions of Muslims are making around the world, including 1,500 who left last Wednesday from the Spanish areas of Ceuta, Melilla and Andalusia.
Speaking to Europa Press, the president of the Union of Islamic Communities of Spain (UCIDE) Riay Tatary, said that the number of lambs to be sacrificed in Spain these days depends on the area because, some Muslim families have “donated their sacrifices” to the needy countries like Palestine, Syria, Mali or Somalia.

The public perception about the Muslims in Spain has improved

19 September 2012


Spanish society has shown in the past year an increased public acceptance of Muslims and Islam, but still sees “a significant percentage” of rejection revelead against manifestations of Islam such as mosques and the hijab, as revealed by the Annual Andalusian Observatory Report of 2011, which coincides with the celebration of the 1,300 years of the official arrival of Islam in the Iberian Peninsula.

Among the “irrational stereotypes” that, according to the report, are still seen in Spanish society, is the belief that Muslim women who cover their hair are forced by Muslim men, that all Muslim men are “despots” who have “subjugated” their wives; that those who profess Islam are required by the Quran to “perpetuate inequality and violence” or that Islam imposes requirements and prohibitions like “capital punishment without fair trials.” Given this, the report makes clear that Muslims represent a quarter of the humanity and therefore these beliefs “can not be true”.
This, as specified, creates “an opinion that is generally Islamophobic”.

President of the Union of Islamic Communities of Spain welcomes the statements by the Confessions Relations Director of the Ministry of Justice

13 May 12
The president of the Union of Islamic Communities of Spain, Secretary General of the Islamic Commission of Spain Riay Tatary, expressed on May 13, 2012 his satisfaction to the media about the statements made to Europa Press by the Confessions Relations Director of the Ministry of Justice, Angel Fernandez de la Reguera Llorente, in which he “has ensured that the will of the government is to ” move forward “in developing the 1992 Agreements signed with the Muslim, Jewish and Evangelical faiths that mark this year its twenty years anniversary. ” Tatary is ready to develop the Cooperation Agreement between the Spanish State and the Islamic Commission of Spain, and to collaborate with the Administration to get a “clear and representative dialogue” of the Muslims in Spain.

Amnesty International on the distress of calling yourself Muslim

29 April 2012

According to an Amnesty International report released this week, Muslims in Europe face discrimination on grounds of religion or belief in employment and education. After analyzing the situation of those who profess this religion in Belgium, Spain, France, Netherlands and Switzerland, the NGO said that the opinion polls reflect “fear, mistrust and negative opinions about Muslims and Islamic culture.” ‘Go to your country’ “The most common phrase we hear is’ go to your country.” I’m tired and I do not answer … it does not enter the head of many that I’m not a foreign, I’m Spanish, Basque “complains Jennifer Chamizo, now 25 years old and who embraced Islam (expression that Muslims prefer to the word ‘convert’) when she was 20.

Amnesty International collected a study that sets the number of Muslims in Spain on about 2.3% of the population. Many of the enquired people acknowledged having to hide at work that they are Muslims. Sources familiar with the Muslim community in Madrid say that, with rare exceptions, those who go to mosques to make the ‘Shahada’ never do it accompanied by their family, despite being a very important event for them. “Many believe that Spain is tolerant, I also thought so, but when you’re the different one, you understand, and feel, that there is still a lot of rejection,” says Habiba. 37% of the Spanish believe it is acceptable to expel a student from school simply because she is wearing headscarves and the same percentage said to have supported protests against the construction of Muslim places of worship, according to the AI report.

36% of Mercabarna slaughters are done following the Islamic Ritual


Mercabarna, the Barcelona’s slaughterhouse, is one of the most important slaughterhouses for Muslims in Spain. Last year 127,651 lambs were killed (32.8% of total) in Mercabarna following the Islamic ritual. Three quarters of these products were exported to south of France, Italy and even countries as Egypt or Turkey. Morocco is also an emerging market. The slaughterhouse employs nine Muslim slaughterers who are trained, approved and certified by the Halal Institute (supervised by Junta Islámica).

Muslims in Spain celebrate Aid Al Kabir

November 17, 2010
The celebration is a new official holiday in the autonomous cities of Ceuta and Melilla. This is celebrated also in the rest of Spain, but not as an official holiday on the Spanish calendar.

November 20, 2010
El Faro