Female administrator for Amsterdam’s Polder Mosque

The Associated Press releases a profile this week of Yassmine el Ksaihi, leader of Amsterdam’s Polder Mosque. At age 24 she is the administrator of the large mosque. AP reports that in appointing a woman to this position, conducting sermons in Dutch, welcoming non-Muslims, and bringing men and women together for prayer (thought they remain segregated), the Polder Mosque is an example of a search for “if not a European style of Islam, at least grounds for coexistence with European norms”.

Amsterdam muslim opens online sex shop

An Amsterdam has established an online sex shop catering to Muslims. Abdelaziz Aouragh (29) is an orthodox Muslim, and consulted an imam regarding the permissibility of trading in sex products before launching his site. El Asira calls itself “the first Islamic online webshop for sex articles and care products”, and its online store should be open for business starting this weekend.