Academic presence of Dutch Muslims growing

Radio Netherlands Worldwide published a profile of the increasing number of Islamic academics in Dutch universities. While Muslim youth remain negatively portrayed in the press, the number of Muslim students and Islamic organizations in Dutch universities is growing rapidly. The Free University of Amsterdam has 2000 Muslim students, ten percent of the student body. Islamic students organizations such as MashriQ are made up of Muslim students from a diverse range of ethnic backgrounds, including Somalia, Morocco, Egypt, Pakistan, Turkey, Indonesia, etc.

Dutch football club wants fewer immigrants

Quick 1888, an amateur football club in the town of Nijmegen is taking steps to cap the number of ethnic minority players on the team. Those supporting the cap claim white players do not feel at home and that minority parents do not provide sufficient volunteer support for the club. The club wants to reduce the number of minority players to 50%, down from a current 80% of players who have an ethnic minority background. Provincial parliamentarian Toine van Bergen stated that he feels the club’s subsidies should be suspended if they carry through with the cap.