Imam education in Norway

The faculty of Theology at Oslo University have applied for funding to create an Imam education program.

Four years ago Oslo University delivered the same suggestion, and the Norwegian government was positive to such suggestions. Even so, the university did not follow through with their application.

Islamic Council and Norway’s Muslim Student Organization are encouraging of such an education in a Norwegian University.

Muslim students want a space to pray

The Muslim Student Organization at the University of Bergen are asking for a space to do salat.
According to National Television the University has been positive in its response.

Liberal Muslims support Danish cartoonist

The Liberal Muslim network LIM (Equality, Integration, Diversity) supports the Danish cartoonist Kurt Westergaard and challenges the Norwegian Islamic Council (Islamisk Råd) and the Muslim Student Organization (Muslimsk Studentersamfunn) to join them in a manifestation against religious violence and in support of the freedom of speech.

LIM representatives say conservative Muslims and organizations, such as the Islamic Council and MSO dominates Norwegian media and help create an image of Islam in Norway as traditionalist and lacking respect for democratic values.

Shakil Rehman from LIM is also critical of the Vice President of the Norwegian Parliament, Akhtar Choudhry, for calling the publication of Westergaards cartoons wrong. It’s not wrong, Rehman says, it’s just a manifestation of an opinion. Muslim leaders opposing the publications live in another time and age, he continues, Muhammad opposed portraits of him because he didn’t want his followers to idolize him, but to paint his portrait to depict his humanity is in compliance with his teachings.