Judge rules in favor of the Lleida City Hall in the closing of the In Hazm Mosque

08 June 2012

The contentious administrative Court of Lleida declared as final the decision taken by the City Hall of Lleida in the summer of 2010 to temporarily close the Mosque In Hazm, for exceeding the permitted capacity and endanger the safety of the faithful followers.

The police agents had estimated that the number of people attending the Mosque was always over the maximum capacity, therefore placing the believers in danger. The temporary decision of the Leida authorities to close the Mosque based on the police investigation was now ruled as definite by the Court. The Muslim Representatives presented no appeal to the closing of their local of praying.

German Interior Minister Meets Muslim Representatives

In light of recent findings and debate relating to right-wing extremism in Germany, German Interior Minister Friedrich initiated a meeting with representatives of Muslim organisations and associations to recuperate their trust in his work as well as German security agencies. During the meeting, many Muslim representatives expressed their current concern and emphasised the importance of a continuing dialogue between German authorities and Muslims in Germany to reinstall Muslims’ trust in German institutions.

Muslim Representatives ask Candidates to Leave Islam Out of the Campaign

Participating for the first time in debates linked to the presidential campaign, the representatives of French Muslims regrouped under the French Council for the Muslim Religion (CFCM) are worried. They would like to meet the candidates for the presidential election to express their worries about the politicized way in which the debate over French Islam is used in the electoral race.