Muslim Manifest against Muslim Manifest

Muhammad Abdulhamid, Linda Noor and Basim Ghozlan, editors of repudiate Trond Ali Linstad’s “Muslim Manifest” of January 25.
They ask Linstad who has given him the authority to speak for Muslims in Norway, and say he represents no one but himself. The manifest, they continue, is a patchwork of incoherent statements, and most readers must understand this is meant as a provocation.

Islam is, they continue, fully consistent with democracy, and it is worth noting that the Norwegian Islamic Council (IRN) strongly has urged Muslims to participate in parliamentary elections and that this call was actively supported by a number of key mosques and Muslim organizations in Norway. This they holds as proof of a great support for democracy among Muslims in Norway and that Linstad’s condescending attitude is not representative.

They find Linstad most unclear in his account of the relationship between the Norwegian government and God’s rights. Also in this matter they second the opinion of the Islamic Council, that Muslims should relate to both God and government, and that there is no conflict between them.

Finally, as a response both to Linstad and the last couple of weeks debate on moral and social control in the neighbourhood of Grönland in Oslo they present their own, short manifest, which states that good Muslims should:

-Focus on their own religious commitments.
-Respect people with different beliefs and ways of life.
-Fulfill all their obligations to their fellow beings.
-Be reliable and an example to follow.
-Not accept injustice done against others.
-Contribute actively to community building.
-Be law-abiding.

“Muslim Manifest” is published by Norwegian convert

Trond Ali Linstad – a Norwegian convert to shi’ite Islam – published a manifest in Aftenposten, Monday January 25. The goals of this manifest are unclear.

The fifteen items, abbreviated, reads as follows:

1. “Norwegian Muslims are to know how to relate to everyday life and to greater issues. This is a Muslim manifest for Norway”

2. Muslims should be as “good land” (Qur’an 7:58), and this ambition should manifest in action.

3. God is the highest and only authority. No Muslim submits to anyone exepts to Him.

4. Norwegian Public Authority holds power. This Muslims should respect. The authorities state laws for the citizens to respect. The authorities are secular. Muslims should not assimilate/incorporate ideas or norms non-compatible with Islam.

5. Norway is a welfare Nation and tris to help its people socially and economically – no one should misuse this.

6. Muslims can be in opposition to the state. The state is secular and exercise pressure on Muslims. It claims superiorety in values and thoughts, and want’s Muslims to be influenced by it.

7. Norway is direct and indirect participating in USA’s and Israel’s war in Gaza.

8. USA is a hegemonic power in the World – and should meet resistance.

9. “Cultivate your Islamic identity. And hoist the Islamic flag! Initiate Islamic institutions. Build Islamic schools, daycare centers and youth recreation centers. But be humble in doing this! Don’t shout Islam out loud. Remember that what efforts we do, we do for God.”

10. “Do not provoke the majority. They’re not Muslims. Why must Muslims build such high towers when creating their institutions?” This “showing off” could provoke non-Muslims and is un-Islamic.

11. Be positive to non-Muslims and talk to them in the best of ways, as the Qur’an implies.

12. “There are negative trends. Some Muslims want to be ‘important persons’ and co-operate with those in power.” Some surrender to secterism, and some promote “spectaculare actions and an uncritical use of weapons. Some want to fight political imperialism, viz. USA and its allies. And that’s not necessarily wrong.” But thir attacks are un-critical and seemingly meaningless. “And some [Muslims] want to be part of Western culture. They must make a choice.”

13. “Muslims do not believe in liberal democracy.” Democracy is secular and creates its own elite, which creates its own values and promote secularism. It does not promote a valid morale, but demands hegemony and dominantion in political and ethical issues.

14. Islam is an offencive faith. It is sanctioned by God. It applies to everyone. It’s revolutionary and aims at higher values. We must have strategies for that.

15. Islam is the ultimate belief, and it applys on the Last Days. It is a challenge to us, and we are responsible.

Shoaib Sultan, Secretary General in the Norwegian Islamic Council, says there is no need for such a manifest. Kristin Mile, Secretary General in the Norwegian Humanist and Ethical Union reacted against Linstad’s manifest, and is asking Norwegian Muslims to repudiate his views on democracy.