The Union of Islamic Communities contest the election of new president

The Union of Islamic Communities of Spain (UCIDE) has claimed that the decision of the Islamic Commission in Spain (CIE) in the last 17 of November to elect Mounir Benjelloun Andaloussi Azhari as its new president, “did not fit right” by which they will put the necessary legal action to challenge it.

They contest the election on the basis that more than 70%of the Federations represented by the UCIDE where not included in the election process. As so they declare them invalid because they don’t represent the needed consensus.

Riay Tatary, the general secretary of the UCIDE believes that the election has not complied with the statutes of “consensus” so far regulating the functioning of this community and has announced that he is considering contesting the results.

Crisis in the Spanish Federation of Islamic Religious Entities (FEERI) gets worse

The internal rivalries within the FEERI have worsened during the last month. The opposition to the current board of directives has tried to overthrow it. The opposition, led by the Islamic Federation of Murcia (FIRM) has elected Mounir Benjelloun, the current vice-president of the FIRM, as new president of the FEERI. That election has been contested and still there is not a final resolution of the conflict.

The overthrown board of directives is said to be close to the Moroccan regime. On the other hand, the opposition is said to be close to the Moroccan opposition (especially the al-Adl wa al-Ihsan movement).