One year without mosque in Lleida

July 18, 2011

Lleida’s North Street mosque continues to be closed one year after the local government, finding the place of worship did not fulfil the safety requirements, decided to shut it down on July 2010. The relationship between the imam of the Salafi Islamic community and the city council has deteriorated because of the lack of a solution or an alternative place. Currently, the Muslim community continues without a place of worship using one public park for their religious practices.


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The City Council orders the closure of a mosque in Lleida

Lleida´s City Council has ordered the closure of the mosque in Nord. The Security Councillor has argued that the seating capacity of the mosque has been exceeded several times without attending the town council hearings.

This closure has taken place after the controversial statements made by Abdelwahab Houzi, the imam of the Nord mosque, during a meeting of a mosque federation held last Sunday. Houzi encouraged the participants to take advantage of the Catalonian separatist parties for the promotion of Salafi Islam.