Race Against Time for Slovenia Mosque

The Muslim community in Slovenia is hoping to raise enough money to establish a long-awaited mosque – which would be the first ever built in the country. The city municipality has granted Ljubljana permission for the building and allocated land for the prospective mosque. However, money is needed to secure the building and construction, with a looming deadline that closes at the end of the year.

The Muslim community is seeking help from international Muslim NGOs to help raise the money, and the Islamic sheikhdom of Slovenia has sent letters to governments of several Muslim countries concerning their fundraising initiatives. About 700,000 Euros have been collected far – 3.6 million Euros are still needed.

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Czech Republic: Country’s first mosque celebrates 10-year anniversary

Czech Muslims are celebrating the 10th anniversary of the first mosque built in the country, built in the city of Brno. While the Islamic Foundation in Brno faced protests and opposition concerning the mosque’s construction, and the facility was built without a minaret, the community is now thriving and is planning to build a new, and larger mosque. Islamic Foundation head Muneeb Hassan Alrawi said we are celebrating ten years of the Brno mosque but we consider it a success of the society, of the people in the Czech Republic. Two different entities agreeing on a common principle of co-existence is definitely a success. Brno’s Muslim community currently has some 800 members, comprised of both Czechs and foreigners.

Provincial parliament demands ban on mosque construction

Vienna – The provincial parliament in the southern Austrian province Carinthia called on its provincial government to prepare legislation banning the construction of mosques or minarets. The province’s governor, the populist former leader of the rightist Freedom Party, Joerg Haider, had repeatedly called for anti- Muslim measures along those lines.

Sweden: Goteborg Mosque Dream Come True

GOTEBORG, Sweden – After years of praying in halls and basements, Muslims in the Swedish city of Goteborg are rejoicing as this year’s Ramadan bings them closer to their distant dream of a stately mosque with a dome and minarat. “This year’s holy month of Ramadan brought good news for us in Goteborg,” Abdulghani Hakki, president of the Muslim Association in the city, told IslamOnline.net. “The construction of the stately mosque Muslims have long dreamed of will begin in the next few weeks,” he added. After two years of planning, the mosque construction will start thanks to Saudi funding. “The construction licence was initially granted in 1996,” recalled Hakki, also a member of the Islamic Awqaf in Sweden which will supervise the building.