Spain, fertile ground to the new jihad

02 June 2013

Spain, far from being an exception, is a fertile ground for Salafi jihadism.
Professor of International Relations at the Universidad Nacional de Educacion a Distancia)( UNED), Carlos Echeverria says that Spain is a very attractive countries for lone wolfes Islamic radicals, Professor Echeverria remembered that at least two of the last calls of Ayman al Zawahiri, current head of Al Qaeda, were directly urging Muslims to strike at Al-Andalus, concretly Ceuta and Melilla. “Spain has the specificity that it was Muslim land and therefore must be retrieved from the invaders.. In his opinion, it is very difficult to establish the specific scenario of a potential attack. However, Ceuta and Melilla, the two Spanish cities on Moroccan territories are places to watch: since they have been the place for jihadi going to fight in Syria against the Assad regime.
In Mellila, the radicalization is visible in the street.
”Three years ago appeared the first woman covered from head to toe, something that had never been seen here. Now there may be more than 70 burkas “says that source who prefers anonymity.

I am Muslim and I’m against Homophobia, a Campaign in the Arab World

Monica Ricci Sargentini

May 18, 2013

A Moroccan citizen sent a photo against the penal code which criminalizes gays in Morocco. The sign says: “In solidarity with homosexuals. Love is not a crime.” Another speaks from Tunisia: “We are human like everyone else, we are everywhere and we deserve to be recognized.” “The Love campaign” launched by an online magazine calls on Muslims in the Arab world to, through Facebook, support a campaign against sexual discrimination especially laws that criminalize gays. But the initiative, which began yesterday in the international day against homophobia, will be active for the entire month of May.

The lonely wolves were part of one of the bloodiest fraction of the AQIM

24 April 2013


Nouh Mediouni, a member of Al Qaeda for the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM), who was arrested yesterday in Zaragoza in the operation of the General Information Commissioner of the National Police, had numerous contacts with the “katibas” (units of combat), who were commanded by Moktar ben Moktar (presumed dead in the war in Mali, although his supporters say he is alive).
His “katibas’ split late last year from the AQIM and founded a new organization:” The signatories with blood. ” This was the Islamist faction who starred in the assault on the Algerian gas plant, which ended in complete failure, as the hostage plan to ask for money for their rescue was aborted by the security forces of that country.
Mediouni, who had been captured by a Moroccan Islamist who currently is in prison, is 23 and was arrested in Zaragoza. “Because of its high degree of radicalization, Nou Mediouni was recruited in this digital forum. Received specific instructions for the trip to a jihadist training camp located in northern Mali and directed by AQIM”.
The other arrested in Murcia, is Hassan El Jaaouani, of Moroccan origin, 52, unemployed. He had also established contact with the AQIM cell located in Mali and also responsible for the recruitment of radicals in Spain.
AQIM represents the main threat to Spain within the Islamic world. Its “press office” is entitled “Al Andalus”, referring to the terrorists claim to recover the Spanish territories, in order to establish now the “World Caliphate.”
Spain is a land of passage for the ‘jihad’ from Africa that aim to reach other European countries in order to organize “sleeping cells” or, where appropriate, carry out attacks.

Moroccan citizen charged for inciting Jihad via Facebook

12 April 2013


The National Court judge Santiago Pedraz has released with charges the Moroccan citizen living in Ulldecona (Tarragona) who used his social network page on Facebook to spread links of videos that encouraged jihad and terrorist attacks.
As reported by legal sources, Ridouan Ben Omar, 23, will deliver the passport, will be prohibited from leaving Spain and will appear weekly at the offcial instances. He is accused of breaching Article 579 of the Penal Code, that considers as a delit “the distribution or dissemination by any means of messages or slogans designed to cause, encourage or facilitate the execution” of acts of terrorism.

The research, led by the Central Court of Instruction No. 1 of the National Court, began in the summer of 2011 following the publication on his Facebook profile of praising messages about prominent jihadi leaders like Ahmed Yassin, Hamas, or the deceased Osama Bin Laden.

Rapper of Moroccan origin from Bologna: “Through Rap I can express myself”

March 20, 2013

Issam Mrini, aka Lama Islam, was born in Morocco and raised in Bologna, where, from an early age, he was exposed to the hip hop culture. Today, thirty years, Lama Islam is a well-known rapperand known throughout the Italian underground scene.

In 2002 Lama Islam opened a hip hop clothing store in Bologna. The store has become a center for the the hip hop scene in Bologna. “It was not easy to do this project” said Lama Islam “I have made many sacrifices but thank God things are going well and, despite the crisis, I also created my own label ‘Renim.'”

Moroccan police dismantles terrorist recruiting cell in Ceuta

20 January 2013
Moroccan police have dismanteled a terrorrist recruitment cell of young Moroccans in Ceuta to be trained in terrorist tactics and then employed at the orders of Al Qaeda related organizations, as reported by the Ministry of Interior. These volunteers received intense training in military operations and suicide bombings. Among the operating cell elements are two former prisoners of the U.S. prison at Guantanamo Bay “with great experience in handling weapons” obtained in training camps of Al Qaeda in Afghanistan, according to the statement collected by the official Moroccan news agency, MAP.

Al Hoda, the first mosque of Cadiz

19 January 2013

The Moroccan community of Cadiz  now has a place for prayer and meeting, plus a religious school for the whole Muslim society. Al Hoda, which translated means” Straight Path ‘, is the name of the first mosque recently opened in the Cadiz; an aspiration for both, Lahcen and Hakim, president and secretary respectively of the Muslim community in Cadiz, consisting of about forty people. They referred also that there are no problems with the local authorities or with the neigbhours about the mosque. The leaders of the community say their goal is “to let people know us better, to know that we belong to a religion of love, respect, tolerance, and of doing good to others.”

Crime Rate Discussion Continues Following Death of Moroccan Youth in Amsterdam

January 7 2013


Two men of Moroccan origin were killed in Amsterdam on December 29 2012. Said el Yazidi (21) and Youssef  Lkhorf(28), who were known to the city’s police, died in Amsterdam following a car chase and shoot out. Police are examining witnesses to gain more information about the perpetrators, reported to be three or four men driving a stolen car.

In the wake of the deaths newspaper Parool published a column reflecting on crime rates among Moroccan youths in the city and recalling statements made 5 years previously by Amsterdam Police detective unit head. In these comments Willem Woelders in identified Amsterdam neighbourhood Diamantbuurt as a source for youth criminals.

Dutch Muslims Report Increasing Religiosity

6 November 2012 

Dutch Muslims are visiting mosques in the Netherlands at least once a week, according to a survey conducted by the national policy unit SCP. While the previous SCP survey in 2004 suggested a decrease in religiosity among the country’s Muslims, this most recent update suggests that this is no longer the case, particularly among Muslims of Moroccan origin (a population in which the number of mosque-attending individuals rose from 9% to 33% from 1998-2011).
According to the SCP, second generation Muslims who worship regularly feel a stronger bond with their family homeland than with the Netherlands.

Spanish and Moroccan children separated in the classroom

10 Octobre 2012

The local authorities in Valencia had authorized the creation of two exclusive classrooms for Moroccan children from 3 to 5 years old (at the school La Paz) although having now pushed back the measure. The parents of the Spanish children asked for the North African students to be distributed in the other three centers of Callosa, Valencia.