Arabic Course in elementary schools: Morocco colonizes Treviso

Arabic language taught in Italian schools begins, surprisingly, in the fortress of the Northeast, the hard and pure Treviso. Just the inhabitants of the Marca Gioiosa, who pushed for the Venetian dialect to be the official language, people are now sending their children to learn Arabic. In fact  the elementary school Coletti will begin the lessons as part of a course on Arabic language and culture . “The institute in Treviso is the first in Italy to implement an Arabic language course totally free, paid for by the Government of Morocco” says professor Zinoun Bouchra, of Moroccan descent “…children in third to fifth grade will have the opportunity to learn the Arabic alphabet, and the history and culture they come into contact with through many of their companions. And all during the school day, Treviso is ahead of the curve offering this as absolutely free.”


Morocco: Terrorist Suspect Arrested in Ceuta

19 September 2013


Spanish security services on Monday (September 16th) arrested a Moroccan expatriate for allegedly recruiting jihadists to fight in Syria.

Just a few days after the arrest of Mohamed El Bali, a Moroccan expatriate accused of co-ordinating the “Muwahideen” and “Attawhid” cells, another Moroccan terror suspect was arrested in Ceuta.

Yassin Ahmed Laarbi (aka “Pistu”), who has Spanish nationality but is Moroccan by birth, “is the suspected brains behind a network which is actively radicalising, recruiting and sending out Mujahideen to help terrorist groups at work in Syria”, Spanish authorities announced.

“Pistu”, the 39-year-old alleged cell ringleader, is accused of overseeing the training of both Moroccan and Spanish recruits in Ceuta.

The men were part of an international network “dedicated to radicalising, recruiting and sending jihadists to Syria to wage jihad and become martyrs”, a Madrid court said at their arraignment.

The cell reportedly sent an estimated 50 jihadists – most of them from Morocco – to Jabhat al-Nusra in Syria. The network asked them to act as “lone wolves” if they returned to Spain or Morocco, to lead Jihadist attacks in France or the United Kingdom, the minister added.

Widows Abroad Entitled to Dutch Pension

22 August 2013


An Amsterdam court has decided that widows abroad, who hold a Dutch surviving  relative pension, may not have their benefits removed. The decision concluded a case brought to court by eleven Moroccan and Turkish widows whose benefits as surviving widows were curtailed considerably because they moved abroad.


On 1 January 2013 a residence principle came into effect which demands that such payments be adjusted to the cost of living in countries outside the Netherlands. In countries such as Turkey and Morocco, where the cost of living is lower, the government reduced payments to the surviving relatives by as much as 40%. According to the court case this week, the government reduction contradicts several international agreements, and no alteration to payments should be made based on domicile of the beneficiary.

Muslim Campaigners for Gay Rights Join Minister for Amsterdam Parade

30 July 2013


Campaigners for gay rights within Muslim groups will join Amsterdam’s Emancipation Minister in the city’s Gay Parade. Invited passengers on Bussemaker’s boat include representatives of Turkish, Moroccan, Surinamese, Antillean and Hindustani consultative bodies and partnerships and support points for homosexual immigrant youths. Additionally, the Turkish Dutch homosexual activist Done Fil will be on board.


Turin, president of Coptic Christians attacked by a group of Muslims

Turin, July 19 – Sherif Azer, president of the Christian Copts in Italy, who is Egyptian but a resident of Turin for 54 years, was attacked yesterday in his building by a group of a dozen North African, Moroccan and Egyptians armed with chains. “Why do you not celebrate Ramadan?” asked the two Moroccans – as reported by the victim to Digos, who filed the complaint. The men stopped Azer outside of his association’s building in Corso Giulio Cesare, Porta Palazzo, “I love Italy” the victim said and elobrated that he is a Christian.

At that point the two have left and came back with other people, about ten, all Egyptian. The group insulted the victim after accusing him of not being a Muslim, and then beat him, using a chain. Sherif was struck in the head and sent to the Giovanni Bosco hospital in Turin. Sherif should be fine is about ten days as the wounds are slight. Sherif filed a complaint this morning.

Moroccan Imams get together in Terrassa before the Ramadan

09 July 2013


A number of imams coming from Morocco landed at El Prat airport on Monday night to lead the prayers of the Catalan Islamic community during Ramadan. They were presented at the Grand Mosque in Terrassa, the largest in the country.

The presence of foreign Imams is normal for this time of the Islamic calendar and through them the 300.000 Muslims of Catalonia have the opportunity to discover the reality of other countries.

The number of Muslims in Canarias doubles since the last census

07 July 2013

The number of Muslims in the Canary Islands has doubled in the last five years. If in 2008 there were 30,000 people in the archipelago that professed the religion of Islam, in 2013 the figure has risen up to 66,969 Muslims, representing an increase of  55,2%.

But this boom is striking in itself, since more than half of the Muslims in the Islands are converted Islanders; specifically, 35,870 converted Muslims. Plus, they also have one of the highest number of Islamic classes and of Muslims students (7.450 in total, being 5.497 Spanish Muslims and 2.043 foreign Muslims).


According to the last population census[1] of the Union of Islamic Communities in Spain (UCIDE), after the Spanish converted Muslims, there are 18,746 Moroccan Muslims, accounting for 28%. Far ahead from the Spanish and Moroccan Muslims are the 3,225 Senegalese Muslims. The census also reports the existence of already nearly 30 mosques in the Canarian Islands.

[1] Census published on February 2013

Moroccan Woman with Dutch Children to be Deported from Netherlands

June 20 2013


Parool reports that a Moroccan woman living in Amsterdam faces deportation as an illegal immigrant, though her four children have Dutch nationality.

Aicha el Maher was picked up by officials carrying out a spot check on the take-away café where they say she was working illegally. El Maher denies this. She has been held since in a deportation center in Rotterdam.

El Maher’s four children aged 8, 6, 3, and almost 2, are being cared for by a friend while immigration lawyers argue her case.

A spokesman for the deportation service said earlier this week that El Maher can opt to take her children back to Morocco with her. Her husband is 20 years older than her and is unable to care for them.

Brescia, Islamic Terrorists arrested

June 12, 2013


The leader and founder of the Italian branch of “Sharia4” an ultra-radical Islamic movement created ​​recently and banned in several European countries, was arrested in an operation coordinated between the counterterrorism unit and the Digos of Brescia. The young man, Anas El Abboubi, according to authorities, was looking for targets to hit in Italy. The prosecution assumed that the Moroccan man was training with the aim of international terrorism.
In addition to the arrest of a Moroccan, a 21-year resident with family in the province of Brescia has also been arrested. The men of anti-terrorism police Ucigos and Digos are running a series of raids in the Brescia and in Pordenone against 4 other Moroccans.

All persons involved in the operation, according to officials, were affiliated with the Italian branch of Sharia4, a movement that arose in Belgium in 2010 inspired by the pro-jihadist preacher Omar Bakri and has gradually assumed the structure of an international network using dedicated sites and Youtube channels. Two other people are being investigated.

International Islamic Terrorism: a statement by Forza Nuova

June 14, 2013


Following the arrest of a 21-year old Moroccan in Vobarno accused of international Islamic terrorism, a section of Forza Nuova Brescia decided to give an or rather, post it, and have decided to include it on different banners in protest on the main streets of the town in Sabbia Valley.

They used the slogan “Islam Out of Italy” and “Stop terrorism, no Islam.” But beyond the individual, which can take this as a gratuitous racial slur, we hear what reasons lie behind this gesture: “We decided to use strong words and phrases” says the press note released by Forza Nuova  “why not is to focus on Islam and not create an opportunity for Muslims to become protagonists.”

“The same area of Vobarno” continues the statement “has experienced in the past negative events related to Muslim immigration. Recall, just to name one, the murder of a bartender in 2001, again by an immigrant of Moroccan origin.”

“We therefore call on citizens not to tolerate this type of continuous violence and widespread damage to the Italians, and we make ourselves available for future demonstrations.”