Update: Moroccan Imam Does Not Apply for Dutch Visa

20 December 2011


A Moroccan Imam invited to speak at a conference in Amsterdam did not apply for a visa to enter the country, according to the Telegraaf. Politicians had condemned the invitation and called for his entry to the country to be banned, when it was revealed that the Imam had supported a marriageable age of nine for girls. Foreign minister Uri Rosenthal said that there is now no longer sufficient time for a visa to be granted even if he did apply.

Moroccan imam union erected in Utrecht

Moroccan imams in Utrecht have erected their own union. The Moroccan Imam Union (Marokkaanse Imam Bond, MIB) will pose quality demands on imams, give courses and training, advise authorities, and serve as a contact point for the media, said the union’s interim-chairman and imam Yassin Elforkani. Elforkani said he places value on the importance on the organization having a professional profile, saying that not just anyone can call themselves an imam.