Islamophobia behind Norway Massacre

24 July, 2011

Anders Behring Breivik (32) – who has confessed to have planned and executed the bombing and massacre killing almost 100 persons in Oslo and nearby Utøya – published a 1500-page manuscript on Internet one hour before the detonation demolishing great parts of central Oslo, and central Government buildings. In the manuscript he states that he spent 9 years planning the deeds.

In the manuscript he presents himself as a patriot Christian and nationalist fighting muliticulturalism and what he understands to be an ongoing islamization of Norway and Western Europe. The manuscript begins:

Western European patriot,

I’m hereby sending you my new compendium (3 books); “2083 – A European Declaration of Independence”, in Word 97 format, which includes the following main topics:

1. The ongoing Islamisation of Western Europe

2. The current state of the Western European Resistance Movements (anti-Marxist/anti-Jihad movements)

3. Solutions for Western Europe and how we, the cultural conservative resistance, should move forward in the coming decades

4. And covering all, highly relevant topics including solutions and strategies for all of the 8 different political fronts

The compendium/book presents advanced ideological, practical, tactical, organisational and rhetorical solutions and strategies for all patriotic-minded individuals/movements. The book will be of great interest to you whether you are a moderate or a more dedicated cultural conservative/nationalist.

Further down in the manuscript it says:

Multiculturalism (cultural Marxism/political correctness), as you might know, is the root cause of the ongoing Islamisation of Europe which has resulted in the ongoing Islamic colonisation of Europe through demographic warfare and conquest. This compendium presents the solutions and explains exactly what is required of each and every one of us in the coming decades. Everyone can and should contribute in one way or another, it’s just a matter of will. 

Anders Behring Breivik has confessed to the massacres and has said he will explain his motifs further Monday, July 25.

US monitoring mosques in Ireland

Cables published on Wikileaks indicate the regular monitoring of mosques in Ireland by US diplomatic personnel stationed in Ireland following requests of the US State Department. Detailed dossiers on different mosques were compiled containing information on the main mosques in Dublin and their leaders, fundraising activities of suspected extremists, the main mosques’ connections to the Muslim Brotherhood as well as on divisions between Sunnis and Shiis in Ireland.
The cables indicate that attempts to establish links with Sunni mosques were met with suspicion by their leaders while close contacts were established with the Iraqi Shii community. The Shii community in particular provided the Dublin US embassy with information on activities of Muslim extremists in Ireland – though diplomatic staff assessed that the information provided by the Shiis contained “some exaggerations and inaccuracies”. The cables also reveal the interest of the State Department in identifying and establishing links with “moderate Muslims promoting tolerant forms of political Islam”.
Up to 30 alleged al-Qaida sympathisers living in Ireland were under police and military intelligence surveillance, according to the cables. The US embassy after meetings with the then prime minister Bertie Ahern, ministers and senior officials of the Department of Foreign Affairs and the Department of Justice accused the Irish government of “complacency” in addressing the potential threat of terrorists.
Other cables describe the scepticism of some Muslim parents about the full integration of their children into Irish society and an emerging generational conflict between first generation Muslim migrants and their Irish-born children. The US embassy also criticised lacking initiatives of the Irish government to facilitate the integration of Muslims. However, another cable characterised Muslims in Ireland overall as “content and moderate”.

Social Democrats Pledge for More Muslims in Civil Service


The Social Democrats have suggested hiring more Muslims for civil service positions in the German police force and in schools. This could be a way of undermining the work of hate preachers and radical Islamists and strengthening a moderate Islam in Germany.

Muslim Council of Britain Calls Face-Veil a Non-Debatable Obligation

16 April 2011

The Muslim Council of Britain, supposedly representing all Muslim groups and voices in the UK, has published a policy statement on their website saying that it is obligatory for Muslim women to cover their face. The statement read: “We advise all Muslims to exercise extreme caution on this issue, since denying any part of Islam may lead to disbelief. Not practising something enjoined by Allah and his Messenger… is a shortcoming. Denying it is much more serious.” The statement was signed by 27 “Islamic groups and scholars”, all male, including a spokesman of the extremist group Hizb ut Tahrir.

Haras Rafiq, of the moderate Muslim think tank Centri, said that by this statement “the MCB have put themselves at the opposite extreme of the spectrum”. The debate stirred up at the time of the implementation of the French face-veil ban.

Liberal Dutch Mosque Threatened With Closure

November 12 2010

Amsterdam’s liberal mosque as announced that it will have to close due to an inability to pay rent for its location in a former office complex. The “Polder mosque” opened two years ago and was hailed as a moderate institution in which activities are conducted in Dutch. While coverage from Radio Netherlands Worldwide suggests that the mosque is closing because Dutch Muslims are “not ready for Muslim Islam”, the article quotes Tijl Sunier, Professor for Islam in Europe, stating that “the fact that the Polder mosque is closing due to lack of money says nothing about the feasibility of the idea behind it.” The mosque’s organizers hope to reopen next year in a more affordable location.

Theologians sent to the region of Veneto to ‘moderate’ Imams

August 11, 2010

The vice president of the regional committee for immigration and the leader of Moroccan Communities of Treviso have been informed by the Consul of Morocco in Verona; of an initiative undertaken by the Moroccan government to send two theologians to the regions Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia. The two envoys will travel around these regions during the period of Ramadan to teach to Imams the correct Sunni interpretation of the doctrine. They will focus on moderation, openness and dialogue with all religions. The aim of the initiative is to counter the widespread stereotypes surrounding Islam as a violent, extremist and threatening religion. The meetings will be open to Islamic and non Islamic audience in order to promote the idea of Islam as a tolerant and peaceful faith. The initiative has been welcomed even by the Northern League’s regional assessor. However, he has urged the Muslim community to ensure that the sermons are delivered in Italian in order to discern the contents conveyed, and to work on an official register for imams.

Muslim organizations in Valencia unite to negotiate with Regional administration

Some Muslim organizations in Valencia reached an agreement to join forces and create a temporary commission in order to found the Islamic Commission of the Autonomous Region of Valencia. The Commission would unite 100 Islamic associations. It is conceived as a union of moderate and progressive Islamic entities and means to marginalize those associations that do not conform to the democratic values.

Muslims express more trust in Spanish institutions than Spaniards

The annual Metroscopia Report on the feelings of the Muslim Immigrants living in Spain was made public. The most commented conclusion was the fact that Muslims express to more trust for some Spanish institutions; such as Justice, the Parliament, the King and the Catholic Church, than Spaniards do. The results show a moderate and tolerant Muslim community that feels at home in Spain and with the ability to practice their religion freely. Also noted by the newspapers was the fact that only a 4% claimed to agree with the use of violence for religious purposes.

Burqa ban in Sweden?

In a radio debate between Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt (moderate) and leader of the opposition Mona Sahlin (social democrat), Reinfeldt refused to give a straight answer on the possibility of banning of burqas in Sweden. “We don’t need to hide our faces in this way in Sweden”, Reinfeldt said. Sahlin said she was against a law, and that she is willing to fight for a woman’s right to wear a burqa if she wants. When asked again later, Reinfeldt said he doesn’t support a burqa or niqab ban, and that he had been hesitant earlier our of respect for President Sarkozy.

According to Svenska Dagbladet (Independently moderate) none of the parties in parliament officially supports a ban on burqas and niqabs. But individuals in the ruling coalition say they would like to a ban. “It’s un-hygenical and disgusting”, says Annelie Enochsson of the Christian Democratic Party.

According to a census made by Expressen (independently liberal) and the Swedish research consultancy Demoskop, 53 percent of the Swedish population wants a law against wearing burqa and niqab in public, while 46 percent is said to be against a prohibition.

Extremists have generated hatred

The Pdl deputy and president of Acmid-Donna Onlus (Association of Moroccan women in Italy) Suad Sbai interprets the result of the Swiss referendum as a consequence of the hatred spread by Islamic fundamentalists throughout Europe.

Minarets, in her opinion, more than religious symbols represent the visible, arrogant sign of Political Islam from which, she declares, moderate Islam both in Italy and in the Arab world, distances.

In Italy, she hopes for stronger controls over mosques and self-declared imams as crucial means to contrast Political Islam whose aim is to “Islamize” Europe. Political interventions should create bridges with moderate Islam whilst fighting political Islam.