Catalonia: First Region in terms of Mosques

Catalonia is the region with more mosques in Spain, according to the Observatory of Religious Pluralism in Spain, under the Ministry of Justice. The Principality has 242 mosques in comparison with other communities like Andalucia (180) or Madrid (106). Overall, there are 1,200 mosques officially registered in Spain.

Of the 242 Muslim places of worship in Catalonia: 146 are in the province of Barcelona, 40 in the province of Girona, 28 in Lleida and 28 in Tarragona. Barcelona is the city with the more Mosques (24), but other smaller municipalities of the province also have more than one: Santa Coloma de Gramenet (8), Terrassa (7), Sabadell (5), Badalona (4) and Martorell (4).


*The news here present were already mentioned in July of 2012 but they surfaced again in the lst week of December; here there are images of the Mosques concentration in the region:


*In the link bellow there is a list of the existent Mosques in the region:


President of the Union of Islamic Communities of Spain welcomes the statements by the Confessions Relations Director of the Ministry of Justice

13 May 12
The president of the Union of Islamic Communities of Spain, Secretary General of the Islamic Commission of Spain Riay Tatary, expressed on May 13, 2012 his satisfaction to the media about the statements made to Europa Press by the Confessions Relations Director of the Ministry of Justice, Angel Fernandez de la Reguera Llorente, in which he “has ensured that the will of the government is to ” move forward “in developing the 1992 Agreements signed with the Muslim, Jewish and Evangelical faiths that mark this year its twenty years anniversary. ” Tatary is ready to develop the Cooperation Agreement between the Spanish State and the Islamic Commission of Spain, and to collaborate with the Administration to get a “clear and representative dialogue” of the Muslims in Spain.

Early start of the Operation “Paso del Estrecho” because of Ramadan season

As this years’ holy season of Ramadan is in the month of August, the Operation “Paso del Estrecho” is planned to start now instead of mid June, as it usually does. The Ministry of Justice expects a traffic of 2,500,000 migrants and 500,000 vehicles to cross between Europe and North Africa.


The Spanish government demands the unification of Muslim representation

The Spanish Ministry of Justice considers a reform of the Islamic representation in
Spain to be necessary for the application of the future Law of Religious Freedom.
Currently there are 28 Islamic federations officially registered, but only two are part of
the CIE (The Spanish Islamic Commission). The government is threatening to cancel
the CIE financing as a measure to force the unification of the Islamic representation.

Counterfeit document makers exposed in Netherlands

Counterfeiters in the Netherlands have provided false documents in preparation for an attack on a Western ally in Afghanistan and for Jihadists preparing bomb-attacks elsewhere in Europe, a report from the Ministry of Justice reveals.

The counterfeit trade uses stolen documents robbed from foreign countries, as well as producing complete forgeries, to produce passports and false identification documents.

Dutch politician to make another anti-Muslim film

Geert Wilders is planning to make a sequel to his anti-Muslim film ‘Fitna,’ released earlier this year. The move comes after the Dutch Ministry of Justice announced that they will not prosecute him for inciting hatred of Muslims with ‘Fitna.’ Additional details are have not yet been given.

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The government will create a watch group for cultural and religious pluralism

The Spanish Ministry of Justice, Mariano Fern_ndez Bermejo, has announced the creation of a Watch Group for Cultural and Religious Pluralism following the mark of the National Plan for the Alliance of Civilizations. The goal is to certify the principle of equality between all religions and to build constructive relations among those religions in accordance with the Spanish Constitution.