33 year old lives in a basement, neglected because he is a non-Muslim

March 28, 2014


“I live in a basement because I am not a good Muslim,” Miadi is 33 years old and since November has lived in a basement.

Miadi travelled to Italy in search of fortune, but for Miadi, a 33 year old Algerian, fate turned its back on him shortly after his arrival. Suffice it to say that the young man has been forced to live in a small cellar, near the outskirts of Milan. To be precise, since last November, when the young man was literally kicked out of an apartment in the Aurora area where he lived with some friends, the basis of the argument was purely religious.

Miadi, in fact, is not a Muslim and does not follow the Islamic faith, a major issue for the people with whom he lived for a short time. “One day they caught me eating ham and I was forced to pack up” says the 33-year old. “For a few days I slept on the side of a road, then I met a friend who gave me a hand. I found this cellar where at least I can rest. Definitely better than being under a bridge in the cold.”

But even in a basement hygienic conditions are not exactly the best. In the small space Miadi has placed a mattress and some blankets. “I manage as I can,” says the Algerian. To complicate the situation the young man also does not have a job and has no family in the area to garner support. “I worked for a short time in the market. But with the little money I made I could barely eat.”


Torino Today: http://www.torinotoday.it/cronaca/miadi-casa-cantina-islam-barriera-milano.html


No Mosque yet: A Divided Community is the Problem

March 25, 2014


It is an uphill struggle for the Muslim community to build a place of worship in Milan, many hoped it would ready for Expo 2015, instead the building has been delayed. According to Paolo Branca, advocate and Associate Professor at the Catholic University of Milan, the real problem, rather than the opposition of some in the Conservative Party, is the divisions within the Muslim community, split into two major areas of thought: Caim (Coordination of Islamic associations in Milan) which has never made ​​a secret of being close to the Muslim Brotherhood and Coreis (Islamic Religious Community), which is more secular and supported by the Diocese. “Many have advanced their concerns, not the mosque, but on its future management in the case that it incorporates close ties to the Brotherhood” explains Branca “ This could complicate the creation of a place open to all Muslims as well as Milanese.”


Il Fatto Quotidiano: http://tv.ilfattoquotidiano.it/2014/03/25/moschea-di-milano-branca-i-problemi-sono-le-divisioni-nella-comunita-islamica/271559/


Davide Piccardo of CAIM (Coordination of Islamic Associations of Milan), “Napolitano denies saying that there is an Islamist virus in Italy”

March 6, 2014


“We learned with great concern of the statements recorded by the press said by the President of the Republic, Giorgio Napolitano, on the occasion of his visit to Albania: “Italy supports the candidacy of Albania for entry into Europe as this would also prevent a drift from European values in every sense including the possible contamination of the ‘Islamic virus.'” The accusation came from Davide Piccardo, coordinator of Caim (Coordination of Islamic Associations of Milan), in a statement.

“We hope” Piccardo continues “that the President of the Republic has been misinterpreted and in this case we ask that he immediately deny this. If true, this would be an unacceptable statement, which constitutes an extremely serious offense to the sensitivity of our community, especially by invoking the term virus which brings us back to tragic events in European history, therefore, we consider it necessary and urgent that the president respond, to preserve the integrity of the Presidency of the Republic. ”


Libero Quotidiano: http://www.liberoquotidiano.it/news/politica/11563102/Islam–Piccardo–Caim-.html

Slapping his wife: ”A Muslim woman cannot pour wine at a bar”

February 9, 2014


Milan – A husband had allowed his wife to work in the bar, but on the condition that she was limited to help in the kitchen. “Instead she poured wine to customers. But we are Muslims” he said in front of a judge “a woman should not even set foot in the bar. This thing is a disgrace to my family.”

So to make it clear to his wife, Abdel I., a 50 year-old Moroccan, according to the indictment began to insult her and attack her by hitting her in front of their two small children. Abdel was charged with harassment and beatings, and in recent days the judge sentenced him to one year in prison with probation and a fine of 7,500 Euros for compensation in addition to the reimbursement of his ex-wife’s legal fees.

And to think that instead she could have remained quietly at home where she needed to be, said Abdel, “I would come home just after six in the evening and without her I had to feed the kids, then take them to bed, and let them sleep …”. So he started to get nervous, so he surprised his wife at work who was pouring wine for the local customers.


Il Giorno: http://www.ilgiorno.it/milano/cronaca/2014/02/09/1023002-violenza-moglie-musulmana.shtml


Arabs ready to pay for the first Mosque in Milan

January 29, 2014


Italian and foreign lenders are ready to put the money needed to build a new Mosque in Milan; this new plan is instead of the use of the Palasharp building. The City continues to conceal these plans, at least until there is something concrete.

A slow negotiation is taking place between the deputy mayor Ada Lucia De Cesaris, some Italian and foreign entrepreneurs, and of course representatives of Muslim communities. While most continue to be tight-lipped about the new place of worship, a rough draft for a new place of worship to be built on the former Palasharp was officially presented.

De Cesaris, confirms that the committee is working on various ideas, but opposes a clear selection by stating “no comment.” His office has denied that there has been any selection in anticipation of meetings with the leaders of Islamic organizations in Milan. Davide Picarddo, a spokesman for CAIM (il Coordinamento delle associazioni islamiche di Milano), agrees: “I can only say that there is a dialogue going on with this administration, and that there is full awareness, even on their part, that the new mosque can no longer be postponed.”

Picarddo admits that there is a project already in discussion: “It is obvious that CAIM has advanced a project, but for now we do not want to make it public due to the high possibility of many changes.”

Regarding the funds needed to construct the building , Picarddo’s words are very clear: “the Italian taxpayer will not spend a dime. We have asked Italian entrepreneurs and foreign foundations in the Persian Gulf, to provide the necessary funding. Milan is an international city, we have businessmen who come to visit from Arab countries. And it is here that there is widespread interest in a place worthy of prayer. Garages, basements and sheds, should not be a long-term plan.”


La Repubblica: http://milano.repubblica.it/cronaca/2014/01/29/news/islam_gli_arabi_pronti_a_pagare_per_la_prima_moschea_a_milano-77164903/

Islam, the Milanese Judges in the Abu Omar Case: “Extremists Cultivated in Viale Jenner”

January 15, 2014


The written judgment that sentenced Abu Omar to six years in prison for international terrorism explained that the sentence was greatly reduced due to unlawful seizure by the CIA and Omar’s subsequent unlawful detention.

For at least two years, between 2001 and 2003, in the mosques of Milan’s Viale Jenner and Via Quaranta Omar, the imam, would instruct his flock to sacrifice themselves in the “battle” of “all Muslims against all non-Muslims ” or Jihad which involves the duty to “kill people.” The spiritual guide was “one of the main nodes in Lombardy to the “terrorist group Ansar al- Islam, also linked to Osama bin Laden.“On 17 February 2003, Abu Omar, of Egyptian origin, was illegally seized through “extraordinary rendition” in Milan by the CIA and taken to Egypt, where he was also tortured.

THE INVESTIGATION The imam kidnapped by the CIA Abu Omar was sentenced to six years in jail for international terrorism, on the one hand there are dozens and dozens of pages of wiretaps and documents proving that the former imam recruited “soldiers” in Milan who were ready for “martyrdom” in Kurdistan and on the other hand the imam was unlawfully abducted by 007 Americans. According to the indictment, the CIA was given the green light by SISMI, the Italian military secret service.

According to the preliminary hearing judge Stefania Milan Donadeo, although Abu Omar does not deserve the “extenuating circumstances given the seriousness of the facts” and his ” dangerousness,” and in “accordance with Article 133 of the Penal Code, the court had to take into account the illegitimate detention suffered.” The kidnapping of former imams has been brought to light in 33 convictions.

The sentence for Abu Omar, who was brought to trial in absentia (he is still in Egypt) by deputy prosecutor Maurizio Romanelli, came almost 11 years after his abduction. Before being seized, the former imam had already been under investigation for international terrorism by Digos , coordinated by the anti-terrorism PMs Armando Spataro and Ferdinando Pomarici . According to the indictment, between 2001 and 2003 he was a member, along with 13 other foreigners, of an association, which had “the purpose of committing acts of violence for the purposes of terrorism in Italy and abroad.”


La Repubblica: http://milano.repubblica.it/cronaca/2014/01/15/news/islam_i_giudici_milanesi_su_abu_omar_cos_formava_martiri_in_viale_jenner-76042412/

Roberto Sandalo Dead, the Prima Linea terrorist responsible for anti-Islam bombs

January 9, 2014


The ex-terrorist died of natural causes in a prison in Parma, where he was sentenced to nine years. After collaborating with the Prima Linea, Sandalo joined a faction of the Northern League. In 2008, he was arrested for attacking mosques and Islamic Centers in Milan.

Roberto Sandalo, 56, former Prima Linea terrorist known as “the crazy Roby” and “Commander Franco.” Sandalo became involved xenophobic militancy. Until his arrest , in 2008, he was responsible for a series of attacks against mosques and Islamic centers in Milan. In Parma, Sandal was serving a 9-year sentence.

In Turin, his hometown, Sandalo met Marco Donat Cattin, his high school librarian. He was arrested in April 1980 and shortly after began working with investigators. He confessed his involvement in the murders of Charles Ghiglieno , Carmine Civitate and Bartholomew Mana and revealed the terrorist activities of his friend Marco, the son of the Democrat Carlo Donat Cattin. Sandalo was sentenced to eleven years and seven months in prison; he served only two years—and in the mid-eighties he moved to Kenya.

In 2002 he was arrested again for robbery and in 2008 he was arrested for being among the leaders of anti-Islamic attacks using fire and pipe bombs in Milan, Brescia and Abbategrasso.


Il Fatto Cronaca: http://www.ilfattoquotidiano.it/2014/01/09/morto-roberto-sandalo-il-pentito-di-prima-linea-passato-alle-bombe-anti-islam/836912/

Islam: Santanche sentenced to 4 days of arrest and a fine

December 2, 2013


Daniela Santanche has been sentenced to four days of prison and payment of a fine of 1,100 Euros. The sentence came from Maria Luisa Balzarotti, a Milan judge, for Santache’s unauthorized anti-burka protest in September 2009. Santanche as the leader of the “Movement for Italy” promoted an anti-burka protest in front of the Steam Factory in Milan, the place chosen by the Muslim community to celebrate the end of Ramadan. The garrison had provoked a strong reaction from Muslims in Milan, to the point that one of them, Egyptian Ahmed El Badry, struck her.

El Badry is accused of aggravated injury, the single judge in Milan ordered him to pay 2,500 euro fine and to compensate Santanche 10,000 euro.  Santanche has played the dual role of the defendant and injured party in this case.


ASCA: http://www.asca.it/news-Islam__Santanche__condannata_a_4_giorni_di_arresto_commutati_in_multa-1342609-ATT.html

Piccardo Denounces those who are wrong about Imam

August 12, 2013

“The words uttered years ago by Shaikh Riyad Al Bustanji have been shamefully distorted and manipulated” said Davide Piccardo, the coordinator of the Islamic associations of Milan, discussing the recent stance of the Jewish community against the participation of the Municipality of Milan in Ramadan, due to Imam Al Bustanj’s presence. Imam Al Bustanj “has never” says Piccardo “praised hatred, much less to the martyrdom of children. We have begun a legal proceeding against those responsible for spreading these words citing that these comments support defamation and incitement to racial and religious hatred.”

The participation of the imam in Ramadan festivities in Milan has incited a lot of controversy, including the spokesman of the main synagogue in Milan asking that politicians demand the resignation of the Piccardo, who responded with the letter.