“Multikulti” or Assimilation? The Question of European Identity

7 February 2011

In this opinion piece, Paul Schulmeister argues that despite the doubts raised by debates concerning the integration of foreigners in Europe, the notion of European identity does exist, and must be promoted. While on the one hand, we should not exaggerate concerning the difficulties that foreigners have had in integrating, on the other hand we should not shy away from wishing someone a “Merry Christmas” or giving a piggy bank as a present.

According to Schulmeister, European identity ultimately rests on the concepts of freedom and justice; the rationality of the Enlightenment; and a striving towards the absolute, which is tempered by scientific relativism. While the German Chancellor Merkel says that “‘Multikulti’ has failed,” what she means is that the ideology of multiculturalism has failed, given that multiculturalism has become a part of everyday life. Schulmeister states that “lip service to European leitkultur” is simply not enough: for immigrants that choose Europe as their new homeland, there must be an unreserved recognition of democracy, the rule of law, human rights, and equality of the sexes.

Dutch Politician to Release Anti-Islam Book

Geert Wilders, controversial anti-Islam leader of the Freedom Party (PVV) in the Netherlands, has announced that he is writing a book about how to combat Islam. Wilders told the Telegraaf in an interview that the book will be aimed primarily at the American market, noting his international ambitions in addition to his expectations of success in national politics. Wilders stirred up brief controversy earlier in the week when he tweeted his season’s greetings in Arabic. The message read “Merry Christmas and less Islam in 2011”