UK’s first magazine for Muslim women to be launched

Britain’s first magazine aimed at Muslim women, {Sisters}, is to be launched as a printed publication next Saturday. The magazine will be launched in-style by editor Na’ima B. Robert and her team at the Global Peace and Unity event, sponsored by Islam Channel, at Excel in London.

Community cohesion boosted by multi-faith council

The future of community cohesion in High Wycombe was boosted by the launch of a Christian and Muslim Relations Council, it was reported. The group has been created to promote integration between people of different faiths and backgrounds living in the town and to improve equality.

Most outspoken on Islamic Extremism

Dewsbury Labour MP Shahid Malik has told the High Court that he had spoken out against Islamic extremism more than anyone else in the country. The international development minister is suing for libel damages over a “bullying” press campaign which he says branded him a racist whose divisive style was to blame for the rise of the BNP in the area.

Christmas offends ethnic minorities, finds Think-Tank

Cut back on Christmas cheer, says a new report by the UK think-tank The Institute of Public Policy Research. The report was unwelcome to the Muslim community. In a bid to keep mainstream religious celebration politically correct for ethnic minorities the Institute suggests scrapping festivities so as not to offend minority communities.

Cherie Blair criticises the veil

Cherie Blair has criticised Muslim religious dress for women under situations where they it is not _freely undertaken” and where it fails to acknowledge “the woman’s right to be a person”. A practising Roman Catholic and wife of former Prime Minister Tony Blair, she warned against the full-face veil (niqab) worn by strictly Islamic women worldwide because it could prevent a woman from expressing her personality.

Ham sandwiches violate rights – Muslim prisoners

27 Muslim prisoners at the Leeds detention facility in England are suing because they claim meals served during Ramadan violated their human rights, it was reported. The prisoners claim they were served ham sandwiches instead of cheese sandwiches for the Iftaar evening meal during Ramadan, the Daily Mail reported. Islam forbids pork consumption.

Muslims tell C4 to drop terror film

Channel 4 has again been criticized by the Muslim community following the airing of a show that “glorifies” a female Muslim suicide bomber. Islamic leaders called on Channel 4 to cancel a film about a British girl who is driven to become the UK’s first female suicide bomber.

Teen jailed for terror manual

A teenager was jailed after being found guilty of possessing a terrorism-related explosives manual. Abdul Patel, 18, of east London, was said in court to be “ready, willing and able” to help terrorists. Judge Peter Rook sentenced him to six months in a Young Offenders Institution after rejecting mitigation for a suspended sentence.