Le Bourget, Europe’s largest and most popular Muslim convention, opens outside Paris

Le Bourget, organized by the Union of Islamic Organizations in France (UOIF), is considered the largest Muslim convention in Europe. The conference, which takes place every year in the northeastern Paris suburb of Le Bourget, has long been the best destination to raise funds to build mosques. Some 200,000 people, from France and other European countries, are expected to participate in the activities of the four-day gathering.

These two articles from IslamOnline.net examine the variety of services available at the Muslim Convention, from listening to scholars, to buying Islamic literature or clothes, to looking for a spouse. “Tens of young men and women come to Le Bourget to find a future husband or wife,” Maryam La’khdar, who has a special booth to facilitate relations between Muslim couples. Another group is selling t-shirts inscribed with 1330, the approximate number of Palestinians killed in the recent Israeli war on Gaza, to raise awareness and send supportive funds.