Martin Amis visits Toronto to speak on feminism and al-Qaeda

Critics have accused him of Muslim-bashing, and some say he has turned into a cranky old curmudgeon like his famous father, Kingsley.

Martin Amis will appear in Toronto at two events, the Grano Speaker Series and the Donner Canadian Foundation Lecture to describe similarities between feminism and Islamic extremism.

Religious freedom in UK second to none – embassy

By Dina El Shammaa Abu Dhabi: The British embassy, responding to author Martin Amis’ controversial Islamophobic comments, said the UK’s record on multiculturalism and religious freedom is “second to none”. “There is a clear distinction between extremist individuals and the faith they claim to be associated with or represent,” it said in a statement. Amis earlier proposed strip-searching of Muslims at airports and commented that Muslims should “suffer till it gets its house in order”…