Anti-Muslim Prejudice in the West – Past and Present, by Maleiha Malik

This collection makes a unique contribution to the study of anti-Muslim prejudice by placing the issue in both its past and present context. The essays cover historical and contemporary subjects from the eleventh century to the present day. They examine the forms that anti-Muslim prejudice takes, the historical influences on these forms, and how they relate to other forms of prejudice such as racism, antisemitism or sexism, and indeed how anti-Muslim prejudice becomes institutionalized.

This volume looks at anti-Muslim prejudice from a wide range of disciplinary perspectives, including politics, sociology, philosophy, history, international relations, law, cultural studies and comparative literature. The essays contribute to our understanding of the different levels at which anti-Muslim prejudice emerges and operates – the local, the national and the transnational – by also including case studies from a range of contexts including Britain, Europe and the US.

This book contributes to a deeper understanding of contemporary political problems and controversial topics, such as issues that focus on Muslim women: the ‘headscarf’ debates, honour killings and forced marriages. There is also analysis of media bias in the representation of Muslims and Islam, and other urgent social and political issues such as the social exclusion of European Muslims and the political mobilisation against Islam by far-right parties.

Women’s Activism in the Muslim Community in Britain

Full title: Organizing for Our Rights: Women’s Activism in the Muslim Community in Britain – Developments, Challenges, Prospects

This is the first event in the 2007 ISIM lecture series at Utrecht University on aspects of the Muslim presence in Europe. Keynote speaker is Cassandra Balchin. Further speakers in the series are Maleiha Malik, Christine Jacobsen, Werner Schiffauer, and Suha Taji-Farouki. Cassandra Balchin is a freelance researcher, writer and human rights advocacy trainer, focusing on networking, advocacy, and policy work in the context of Muslim communities in Britain.