Two Muslim Women Asked to Leave Pool in Southern France; Discrimination On the Rise

Two Muslim women were ordered out of a swimming pool at the Rives des Corbieres holiday camp in Port Leucate, southern France, because they were wearing ‘burkinis’. The incident came ten days after French MPs voted to outlaw the burka in public places.

The women were asked to either change into conventional bikinis or one-piece costumes or leave the swimming pool. Police were then called to the drama after the husband of one of the women threatened the pool’s lifeguard with a bowling ball.

Last year a Muslim woman was banned from wearing a burkini at a public swimming pool also for hygiene reasons. She later failed in her bid to sue the council in the Paris suburb for discrimination. Police have this year also stopped and fined two women for wearing a burka while driving because the garb impaired their field of vision. The Lost Angeles Times reports a rise in discrimination of Muslims across France.

U.S. Muslims and Mormons share deepening ties

In a somewhat surprising relationship, the Lost Angeles Times reports on the befriending of Mormons and Muslim in the United States. While the two religions have very little theology in common, both have some shared values and have felt a feeling of isolation from mainstream America. The Mormon Church has become the largest contributor to Buena Park-based Islamic Relief, touted by some as the West’s largest Muslim based charity. Relief officials say that $20 million in goods and services has been donated by the Mormon church since the 2004 tsunami in Southeast Asia – about 20% of the charity’s annual budget. “We both come from traditions where there has been persecution in the past and continues to be prejudice… that helps us Mormons identify with Muslims” said Steve Gilliland, the LDS director of Muslim relations for Southern California. Muslims also echo the sentiment: “When I go to a Mormon church I feel at ease… When I heard the president [of LDS] speak a few years ago, if I’d closed my eyes I’d have thought he was an imam” said Haitham Bundakji, former chairman of the Islamic Society of Orange County.