Headscarf fashion show

An organization called Boss of Our Own Head (BEOH!) carried out a demonstration during a fashion show in the San Marco Vilge in Schelle. The organization’s members had separately organized a counter fashion show to bring to attention the importance of the headscarf for many Muslim women. The goal of the counter-show was to also demonstrate that it is perfectly acceptable for the headscarf to be worn everywhere, and that legislature about what people wear on their heads is counteractive when it comes to integration, citing the many Muslim women in the workplace who wear the headscarf. BEOH! came into being after Antwerp implemented a ban on headscarves.

Muslim Legislator Makes Appeal: Islamic Commission Must Be More Democratic

The only Muslim in the legislature, Mohammed Chaib of the socialist group, said that the Islamic Commission must be restructured to be more democratic. He said that the commission was formed for the realities of the community from fifteen to twenty years ago and was not current to today’s Muslims.