Muslim Convert Now on Trial in “Toronto 18“ Case

A young Hindu man, now 20, who converted to Islam from Hinduism, has been deemed ignorant of Islam in his court trial. His lawyer claims that the alleged nefarious plot to « cripple Canada » was nothing more than an unrealistic “delusion.”

His conversion to Islam has been well-charted. Muhammad Robert Heft, who was approached by the young man at Paradise For Ever, a non-profit centre he runs in Toronto for recent Muslim converts told the Globe and Mail, « He’s a kid who doesn’t know very much, if at all, about the religion. » The accused’s father told the court, « By force they were taking him. At that time itself I would’ve alerted police and he would’ve been saved. » Mr. Heft claims that the young man (who cannot be named because he was a minor at the time of the incident) came to Paradise For Ever seeking refuge in the organization’s emergency shelter and claiming he was abused at home.

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9 Suspects on Trial for Terror Plots in Paris

Safe Bourada, an Algerian with a part terrorism conviction, and eight suspected accomplices face charges for plotting attacks in Paris will stand trial in October. They are facing charges of financing terrorism and links to a « terrorist enterprise ». Bourada has previously served eight years in prison for his role as recruiter in a logistics group which helped stage bombings in the Paris Metro and elsewhere in 1995.

Investigators suspect that while he was in prison, Bourada recruited followers who became members of a France-based group known as « Ansar al-Fath » or Partisans of Victory.

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CAIR Calls New FBI Profiling Policy ‘Un-American’

CAIR termed a proposed Justice Department policy change that would allow the FBI to investigate Americans without evidence of wrongdoing, unconstitutional and un-American, adding that the policy would permit religious and ethnic profiling. The new guidelines, which are expected to be implemented later this summer, the FBI would be permitted to use race and ethnicity when considering investigations. “Any new Justice Department guidelines must preserve the presumption of innocence that is the basis of our entire legal system,” said CAIR National Legislative Director Corey Saylor. “Initiating criminal investigations based on racial or religious profiling is both unconstitutional and un-American.” Saylor added that on previous occasions, even President Bush has denounced such profiling.