Conservative politician criticised for heavily anti-Islamic statements

A CDU party politician and member of the Hesse regional parliament, Hans-Jürgen Irmer, has revealed his deep-rooted anti-Islamic attitude. In an interview, he had claimed that Islam seeks to rule the world and that anyone who supports Turkey’s entry to the EU, as does the CDU’s new Turkish-German minister Aygül Özkan, contributed to the Islamisation of Germany. He furthermore said that Germany needed not more Muslims, but less.

Members of all parties have expressed their shock about the politician’s statements. Irmer finally apologized, saying that he had not wanted to discredit one religion on the whole. The SPD, Greens and Left Party do not believe his apology came voluntarily and find it incredible, as Irmer’s statements had shown a rather clear and strong supremacist attitude.

The Muslim voting block in Germany

Muslims in Germany form a potential voting block that cannot to be ignored. According to a study by the Islam Conference last June, the total number of Muslims in Germany lies between 3.8 and 4.3 million, of which 1.84 million hold a German passport. The German Federal Statistics Office conservatively estimates that some 750,000 Muslims are eligible to vote in the country.

Frank-Walter Steinmeier (SPD) would probably have mixed feelings when glancing at the results of this poll. The Social Democrats are in first place with 35.5 percent of the vote, but only two years ago, 52 percent of Muslims were willing to cast their ballots for the SPD. The party has primarily lost ground to non-voters. The Greens have increased their support by 3.6 percent to a current level of 18 percent. This is a clear result of choosing Cem Özdemir as their leader. The Left Party and FDP don’t even make it to 5 percent, the cut-off threshold for seats in the German Bundestag. The same holds true of the CDU, which only garnered 4 percent support.

Despite Objections to Size, Cologne Approves Mosque

Cologne’s city council has approved building plans for what is slated to be Germany’s largest mosque. Politicians hope the structure’s glass design and bilingual program will help integrate the Islamic community. Cologne’s Social Democratic Party (SPD), the Greens, the Free Democratic Party (FDP) and the Left Party all voted for the construction of the mosque, which will include two minarets that stretch 55 meters (180 feet) into the sky, the Associated Press reported. Mayor Fritz Schramma was the only Christian Democratic Union (CDU) member to approve the plans. The rest of his party has criticized the mosque’s design as being “too imposing.” Builders from the Governing Body of the Turkish-Islamic Union (DiTiB) will construct the structure with a 37-meter high dome in the city district of Ehrenfeld.

Pankow Mosque Can be Built

Berlin – After indications from district mayor Burkhard Kleinert (Left Party), the construction of a mosque in Berlin-Pankow is no longer in question. When the Ahmadiyya Muslim Union applied for a building permit, they should have recieved one immediately. The opposition to their application had no legal foundation, said Kleinert in an interview. It will be the first mosque in eastern Berlin. Local opposition to the mosque is strong.