Police in Amsterdam can get a discount when purchasing copies of the Quran

Amsterdam police will be able to get a discount on copies of the Quran, translated by Kader Abdolah. According to a spokesperson for the police corps, law enforcement will be encouraged to read the Muslim holy book to get a better insight into Islam. A police agent recently made the suggestion, and a head of the corps was able to get a discount deal for the initiative. Police corps members are not obligated to read the Quran, however, but it is merely an initiative to bridge misinformation.

Germany, US to Improve Data Exchange in Terrorism Fight

The United States and Germany plan to speed up the exchange of information to help in anti-terror efforts. Washington said it hopes the groundbreaking deal will serve as a model for cooperation with other countries. Under the new information sharing agreement, US and German law enforcement officials will have immediate, albeit partial, access to each other’s fingerprint and DNA databases. The move will allow authorities to check within minutes if a database contains a suspected terrorist’s personal information. Should a match be found, authorities would then have to submit a request for more detailed information. The effort will speed up the exchange of information and help in the terrorist fight, said German and US officials who met in Berlin to launch the bilateral agreement on Tuesday, March 11.

Riots Point to Racially Divided France

Hundreds of French riot police were deployed on Wednesday night to help quell the violence in tense Paris suburb of Villiers Le Bel, after the death of two boys in a motorcycle accident triggered violent clashes last week. Despite isolated incidents of a few burning cars, the suburb returned to a general calm as security and law enforcement increased their presence. French officials pointed to a host of causes in the eruption – including poverty, unemployment, the influence of criminal gangs, and racism. Most of the rioters come from immigrant and Muslim backgrounds, and while most of them are simply described as youth, their vulnerability to poor living conditions is of significant concern. Anger and distrust over racial profiling fuel already brewing tensions in many of Paris’ suburbs.

Giuliani Adviser: “Too Many Mosques”: Rep. Peter King’s Remark Draws Fire From Muslims, Democrats

(AP) A homeland security adviser to Rudy Giuliani came under fire Thursday for claiming there were too many mosques in the United States – and defended himself by saying his point was that not enough Muslim leaders cooperate with law enforcement. Rep. Peter King, R-N.Y., the former chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee and the top GOP member on the panel, said his comments to the Politico Web site were taken out of context. Democrats said Giuliani should drop him as a campaign adviser. I stand by everything I said other than the fact that the Politico totally took it out of context, King said Thursday.

City Police Report Explores Homegrown Terrorism

By AL BAKER Understanding how seemingly ordinary people become radicalized and hatch homegrown terror plots is essential for law enforcement officials in the United States and abroad to stay one step ahead, a study released yesterday by the New York Police Department concluded. The study found that unassimilated Muslims in the United…

Axis of Evil Breaks FBI-Muslim Barrier

WASHINGTON – Desperate to build bridges and possibly recruit new elements, the FBI is using ethnic comedians to reach out to suspicious Arabs and Muslims. “We want to demystify the FBI and show people that we are human, not just cold FBI agents coming out to arrest people,” Gwen Hubbard, chief recruiter for the FBI’s National Recruiting/Testing Office, told Reuters. Revamping an image damaged by a wave of arrests and searches since the 9/11 attacks, the law enforcement agency has sponsored a show of the “Axis of Evil” comedy group during a recent meeting of the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC). The group is made up of comedians of Arab and Muslim roots who have formed a niche by taking on Mideast stereotypes and making subjects such as war and terrorism funny. With large posters reading: “Today’s FBI. It’s for you”, the agency paid $10,000 to sponsor the annual event attended by 1,000 people in a ballroom at a Washington.

The Catalan Islamic Council Warns of the Dangers of Connecting Politics and Terrorism

The Catalan Islamic Council claims that the overlap between politics and so-called Islamic terrorism in Catalonia and the association of Islam and violence by authorities foments the radicalization of the youth sectors of the Islamic community. The Catalan Islamic Council’s president, Abdennur Prado, believes that the declarations of a police syndicate group stating the proliferation of jihad’s groups in Catalonia were very irresponsible. He adds that the fight against radicals has to be more discrete and the law enforcement has to be harsher.

British PM Backs Detention Law

By Arshad Sharif Prime Minister Tony Blair on Wednesday backed the controversial Terrorism Bill which would allow the British law-enforcement agencies to detain terrorist suspects without a charge for up to 90 days. The Terrorism Bill, which proposes to increase the limit of detention without a charge from 14 to 90 days, was published in full by Home Secretary Charles Clarke within hours after getting support of the prime minister in the Commons amidst strong opposition. Formulated in the aftermath of July 7 London bombings, Mr Blair expects to get a majority support to pass the Bill by the year’s end despite opposition from civil right groups, political opponents and many in the Muslim community who believe it would be targeted against the Muslims. Giving support to the Bill before it was made public, Mr Blair said: I have to say that I, for the reasons the police have given, have found their request for this power absolutely compelling. Addressing parliamentarians at prime minister’s questions in the House of Commons, Mr Blair said, What I have to do is to try to do my best to protect people in this country and to make sure that their safety and their civil liberty to life come first, and that is what I’m going to try to do. Earlier, Tory leader Michael Howard said he was yet to be persuaded over the 90-day proposal and called for a more fundamental examination of the criminal justice system. The prime minister’s official spokesman told a regular briefing at Westminster, If you have to arrest people at an earlier stage of investigation because of the possibility of suicide bombs and the devastation that causes, therefore you do need to give more time to the police to gather evidence. That is the crux of the argument. The Terrorism Bill also made glorifying or indirectly encouraging terrorism an offence carrying up to seven years’ imprisonment.