Brussels: Christmas decorations not removed?

The permissibility of Christmas decorations in Brussels caused debate among community members, as concerning about their offensiveness towards Muslim residents is being brought into question. La Derniere Heure had written that the decorations should be removed in order to not offend part of the city’s population, and stay neutral concerning religious display. However, Minster of Justice Laurette Onkelinx announced that Christmas trees and other decorations in places such as the Law Courts, would not be removed. According to the minister, the decorated Christmas trees would not be removed, but some other decorations may be removed.

Islam: “Pacifying Intervention”

The General Assembly of the Moslems of Belgium introduced to the Court Friday arbitrage proceedings for annulment of the law of July 2004 creating a Commission in charge of the renewal of associations representing Islam. The same step aims to arrest the royal execution of September 23, 2004 before the State Council. The reason is “unacceptable” internal interference in the associations of Muslim worship. For the cabinet minister of religion, Laurette Onkelinx, one wants to be careful with these recourse. “The institution of the Commission is only to bring back peace within the community, which is torn on the renewal of the Assembly of the Executives of the Muslims of Belgium”.