Public celebrations to the end of Ramadan in Spain

September 10, 2010
Last Friday the Islamic communities of Spain celebrated the end of Ramadan. Usually, the local government let different public spaces for the main Islamic celebrations. In Lleida (Catalonia), for example, more than 3,000 Muslims met in a local sport hall. The media reported Islamic celebration at different locations as Zaragoza, Granada, Murcia or Melilla. In the autonomous city of Ceuta, the celebration showed the division between the members of UCIDCE and the members of the Islamic communities that are supporters of the Morocco government. Each group celebrated the end of Ramadan in different spaces.

Confrontation in the Great Mosque of Ceuta

Last Friday a confrontation took place between the two main Muslim groups of Ceuta. Each one of the groups arrived to the Friday prayer’s with their own imam. Finally, the Police had to intervene surrounding the building and trying to pacify the several groups of believers. The Muslim community of Ceuta is divided in two factions; on the one hand there is “Unión de Comunidades Islámicas de Ceuta” related to the Tabligh movement and, on the other hand, the FEERI that have less support but has links to the Moroccan government. The two Muslim federations are disputing over the control of the Great Mosque to the city.