67% of the Spanish citizens see as unacceptable to expel a student for wearing the hijab

November 5, 2013


67 percent of Spanish citizens see as unacceptable  to expel a student from class for wearing the headscarf or the ‘ hijab ‘, according to the preliminary results of the ‘2012 Survey on intercultural local social coexistence ‘ conducted by Obra Social ‘La Caixa’.


Europa Press: http://www.europapress.es/epsocial/noticia-67-espanoles-ve-inaceptable-expulse-alumna-llevar-velo-islamico-encuesta-20131105145712.html

26% of the Spanish citizens admit to fear Muslim people

November 5, 2013


The 26 % of the Spanish people addmit to fear Muslims, so says the preliminary data from a study to be released shortly by the La Caixa Foundation on social life of municipalities with a high percentage of immigrants .

The main conclusion is that ” the economic crisis did not worsen the living in the territories of high diversity,” unlike what happened in other European countries, where expressions of xenophobia have multiplied,” although there is a slight deterioration of the coexistence in some aspects, especially regarding some attitudes towards immigration.”


El Mundo: http://www.elmundo.es/espana/2013/11/05/5279015061fd3de7188b4578.html

Spain’s immigrant remittances soar despite slowdown

Immigrants living in Spain sent a record EUR 8.135 billion to their home countries in 2007 – an increase of 19.5 percent from 2006. Spain’s 4.5 million immigrants, roughly 20 percent of the total population, are now the leading senders in Europe of financial remittances to their home and developing countries, and the third largest in the world after immigrants in the United States and Saudi Arabia. According to a report by La Caixa, immigrant remittances increased 60x since 1990. However, it is believed that migrant remittances from Spain will slow down in conjunction to a slowdown in Spain’s construction boom.