Madonna: Another Conversion this time to Islam?

Much has been made of her in recent times, both for the chain garment that is dropping in various parts of the world, and also for a recent story in an American magazine about her beginnings in New York and her terrible brush with violence upon her arrival.


Today more talk about Madonna, the undisputed queen of pop, according to rumors she is busy studying the Koran and may be close to a possible conversion to Islam, this after conversion in 1996 to the Jewish Kabbalah.


This likely comes from her relationship with the young Algerian Brahim Zaibat, who she has been with since 2010 according to the media gossip and provides another important clue. The picture, which is immortalized, was taken outside of a Turkish mosque she wearing a headscarf. Are we finally facing the last change of mind of Miss Ciccone (her Catholic conversion name)?

Torino, Spiritual Festival. Three public reading from the Koran including passages from Fatima, Khalid, Asnan, Sara

We are standing and, after a few moments we hear a clear voice, who begins the serenade, in Arabic, of selected verses of the Koran: Khalid, Fatima, Sara, Asnan, but you are not among faithful in a mosque but at a public event in a 16th century palazzo in Torino.


These are the young Italian Muslims, during the spiritual festival, comprised of three public readings of the Koran, one every day during the festival. After the reading, which is also translated in Italian, there will be time for questions from the public.


Muslims ask for Mosque in Conegliano

We ask for help from the city of Conegliano, we would like a mosque”

The Islamic community Conegliano met these days the marabouts Bodian, who made ​​the request to the mayor


“We ask for help to the Municipality of Conegliano, we would like a mosque.” This is the request of the Islamic community that already has access to a room in the city, provided by Caritas, to study the Koran.


If you visit the province of Treviso you will likely come across marabout El Hadji Fansou Bodian, a kind of cardinal who will need to meet with the Mayor Floriano Zambon. On Sunday, as stated in the Tribuna di Treviso, Muslims will gather from all over the Treviso area. It is a harsh attack by Bodian who hides behind religion to commit acts of violence: “He who kills has denounced God, and cannot be part of Islam,” he says.

Anti-Islam Activists Are Freaking Out About Crayons Now

Anti-Shariah activists have a new target in their sights: Crayola. Late last week the Pickens County (Ga.) Republican party posted a call to action on its website about a new promotion from the world’s leading crayon manufacturer, which had begun offering free Islamic-themedcoloring pages in honor of Ramadan. Zut alors! The images are pretty innocuous—one features a prayer rug; another features a young boy kneeling while reading from the Koran. But the Pickens GOP sees something more nefarious…


Both the Pickens County GOP and another anti-Shariah website, the appropriately named “Creeping Sharia,” both published the exact same text on the exact same day, so it’s not clear who plagiarized whom. Crayola is in good company. Other American institutions that have fallen under the spell of Shariah (according to anti-Shariah activists) include David Petraeus, the grocery store Wegman’s, and Nashville’s Hutton Hotel.

In the Casbah of Turin, a Christian Can Die

Magdi Cristiano Allam

July 22, 2013

Born in Egypt, he wanted to evangelize the “Muslim quarter” of the city. For this reason the fundamentalists will threaten and beat.


Sherif Azer, an Italian citizen, born Coptic Christian in Egypt, has the courage to do what the Pope, the cardinals, bishops and priests should do but do not do: publicly evangelize Christianity to Muslims residents in Italy in piazzas, spreading the extraordinary testimony of faith in Jesus in Porta Palazzo as Italy becomes Islamized.


This is how last Thursday, July 18, Sherif was savagely attacked with chains, punched and kicked by a dozen fanatical followers of Allah, they cried “we’ll kill you, Christian shit,” after Sherif admitted that he did not observe Ramadan, he also refused to repeat a ritual saying which would explain that he was a follower of Islam “Salli ala al Nabi” (Praise the prophet Muhammad begins the saying).

Sherif has the courage to do what the head of state, the President of the Council, the Parliament, the judiciary, law enforcement, the presidents of regions and provinces, and finally the mayors should do but do not: safeguard every inch of Italian sovereignty and enforce our laws to all residents regardless of their nationality, culture or faith. The Christian witness corresponds to a civil commitment against arbitrariness, arrogance and violence raging in Porta Palazzo to the point of being transformed into an extraterritorial area, the casbah of Turin. The area is now risky for Italians, who are forced to sell off their homes at bargain prices after being ousted from the market due to degradation and insecurity.

The evangelization of Sherif, 54 years old, his wife and four daughters with Italian citizenship, has happened for two reasons: it shows a deep respect for Muslims as people, even helping them materially due to his work as a building contractor (although he has a degree in Philosophy and Letters), he also knows the Koran by heart even the majority of Muslims have not read the ancient Classical Arabic authoritative text.


The barbarous assault on Sherif, who admits to being barely alive after being hit in the head with heavy chains, requires the Church to reflect on the substantive legitimacy of Islam reiterating the litany of the “big three monotheistic and Abrahamic religions” this attack emerges at a time when even Pope Francis sent well wishes for Ramadan on July 8: “I turn to the dear Muslim immigrants who today, in the evening, are starting the fast of Ramadan, which I wish them  abundant spiritual fruits.” Ironically almost all Islamic countries require not only Muslims but also non-Muslim residents to observe Ramadan with the penalty of not following can be imprisonment for the contempt of religion. The institutional legitimacy of Islam was confirmed again this year when the Foreign Minister Emma Bonino was offered Iftar by 42 leading members of the Islamic Conference Organization and of the Arab League.

Well church and state can learn a lesson from the attack at Porta Palazzo: Islamized sharia is imposed by force because obviously Islam is not a religion but an ideology that is comparable to seventh century Christianity, rife with war and terrorism. Muslims can be moderate as a people but the Islam of the Koran and Muhammad is inherently violent.

Wednesday, July 24 at 7 pm there will be a demonstration in Porta Palazzo in Turin in solidarity  with Sherif Azer and to say “No to sharia in Porta Palazzo.” The Mayor Piero Fassino, President of the Province Antonio Saitta and the President of the Piedmont Region, Roberto Cota are invited. The hope is that participation will condemn the cowardly attack on a Coptic Christian and an Italian citizen in the center of Turin, and to take all necessary political and administrative measures to prevent the recurrence of such attacks, terrorism, and return the Italian spirit to Porta Palazzo which has been transformed into a raging area where sharia prevails.

Muslims unite to condemn ‘extreme depravity’ of child grooming in first UK-wide single sermon

Imams across Britain will today deliver a sermon denouncing the practice of grooming following a series of sexual abuse cases involving Muslims. The religious speech, which will be read out in 500 mosques, opens with a reading from the Koran that prohibits “sexual indecency, wickedness and oppression of others” and continues to urge congregations to report suspected cases of child abuse. It is reportedly the first time a single sermon will be delivered in unison across the UK and is organised by campaign group Together Against Grooming with the support of the Muslim Council and Islamic Society of Britain.


The effort comes after the convictions of Muslim men in a string of cases including those in Rochdale, Derby and Oxford, where five men were yesterday sentenced to life in prison for their involvement in a sex abuse gang. Others involved in the sermon’s broadcast at midday prayers today have been keen to ensure sexual abuse is not disproportionately linked to Asian Muslim men.

Mohamed Hamid: From petty criminal to tutor of terrorists

Preacher, described as ‘dangerously charming’, progressed from shoplifting to turning young men into jihadists. When Mohamed Hamid had his first brush with criminality, it saw him thieving a tin of sweetcorn and a packet of fishfingers. By the time he had finished, he had become one of Britain’s most prominent recruiting sergeants for Islamist extremism.


But while the man who told once told a police officer arresting him during a row in London’s Oxford’s street that his name was “Osama Bin London” insisted he dealt only in theology, his real stock in trade was providing the ideological groundwork for terrorism.


In his early 30s, he became a crack addict. After a redemptive trip to a mosque, Hamid rediscovered a version of his faith and opened an Islamic bookshop in the Clapton area of east London as well as attending rallies at Speaker’s Corner in Hyde Park in the wake of the 9/11 attacks.


It was at this point that he became increasingly radical and voluble, becoming involved with the coterie surrounding notorious cleric Abu Hamza. The judge in his trial, Mr Justice Pitchers, told him: “Mohammed Hamid, you are, in my judgement, dangerous. You can be quite genuinely amusing and charming. You also have real knowledge of the Koran and Islamic teaching. However, that is only one side of you.”


“You used your charm and knowledge of the Koran to influence others to terrorism… You continue to be a danger, not directly from your own actions, but from your ability to persuade others by criminal actions to commit terrorism offences themselves.”


Islamedia interviewed the imam and president of the Union of Islamic Communities of Spain, Mr. Riay Tatary.

13 May 2013


Islamedia interviewed  the imam and president of the Union of Islamic Communities of Spain, Mr. Riay Tatary.

I- What is the Islamic religious perspective of terrorism?

RT-Both the Koran and the Sunna express prohibition and condemnation of the grave sin of killing another human being, this transgression being matched and related to genocide and crimes against humanity. (…)Therefore, terrorism and criminal acts against civilians are clearly declared contrary to Islamic faith (…).

I-There seems to be confusion in defining a terrorist attack, in your opinion, how could we define terrorism?

RT-Any aggression against civilian or military targets by individuals or armed groups is reputedly terrorism (…).

I-Although terrorism is motivated by political extremism reasons why does it seem that the speech of Muslim terrorists is more loaded with religious vocabulary?

RT-Muslims are well aware that assaulting and endangering the life of others goes against the law of God, so to attract followers violent extremists distort the Word of God and make evil seem like good (…). Pretending that a cruel slaughter is considered a legitimate defense, or a minor jihad has caused today talk of “jihadist terrorism” to be a reference to this false speech. Falsifying the message of the Creator to the humanity to such a degree and consequences is a serious sin against God and human beings.

I-The general public has the impression that Muslims keep in silenceabout the terrorist attacks. Do they not condemn the attacks or are they not given enough publicity when they make such public condemnation?

RT-The Union of Islamic Communities of Spain, (…), has always condemned terrorism and attacks, with more emphasis in 2001 and 2004, however we cannot failing force the national press to reflect our press notes over the years, but they are available for anyone who wants to be properly documented.

I-For several years, some accused the imams and mosques to be the source of extremism. Has the population changed this perception?

RT-It has been changing and citizens realize that from the temples, including mosques, peace and brotherhood has been preached, and that the true breeding ground for violent extremists are the closed small groups who do not frequent the mosques (…).

I- How do you see the coexistence of Spanish Muslim communities with the rest of society?

RT-Overall there is a correct coexistence between neighbors of different religions, except in some specific cases municipalities where the public opinion has been poisoned therefore creating animosity between neighbors and Islamophobic fears about the opening of mosques (…).

Christians, Muslims & Jesus by Mona Siddiqui: review

Sameer Rahim applauds a stimulating dialogue between great faiths.


Despite that in some parts of the world you find violent conflict between Christians and Muslims, the Muslim theologian Mona Siddiqui touches on a central doctrinal difference between the two largest monotheisms: the true nature of Jesus of Nazareth.


When Mohammed announced his new religion in the early seventh century, he claimed to be walking the same path as Old Testament prophets such as Abraham, Moses – and Jesus. The Koran relates that Jesus was born to a virgin called Mary, preached God’s word, gathered disciples and performed miracles. He was condemned to death by crucifixion, the Koran says, but was saved through divine intervention and ascended to heaven without dying. Jesus will return to Earth, according to Islamic tradition as the Messiah.


The crucial difference from the Christian narrative is that for Muslims, Jesus is emphatically not the Son of God.


Siddiqui raises the point that Islam might well have preserved aspects of theologically unorthodox Christianity. In Siddiqui’s final chapter she bravely questions what the crucifixion might mean to a Muslim.

Sicilian Catholics and Muslims discuss “Sustaining the Family”

Fernando Massimo Adonia

April 15, 2013

An interfaith meeting took place in Catania. The Islamic community together with the Catholic community came together to discuss ‘family in crisis.’ In Catania Imam Kheit Abdelhafid, President of the Islamic community of Sicily opened the meeting. The meeting’s main theme is “The Muslim family, the Christian family: challenges and hopes.” The meeting began with the reading of a passage from the Koran and the proclamation of the gospel.