Sweden Democrats Attack Muslim Politician in Rostrum

November 5, 2010

The far-right populist Sweden Democrats’ speakers William Petzäll and Kent Ekeroth attacked Islam, and especially Abdirizak Waberi from the Moderate Party, from the rostrum Wednesday 4 November.
They accused the Moderat Party of letting an Islamist into the parliament. They said it’s their duty to speak up against Islam, just as they would against any other totalitarian force, such as Communism or Nazism.
They further claimed that Waberi defends domestic violence and doesn’t agree to men and women shaking hands or dancing.
Waberi, who was not present, later commented the attack by saying he does not advocate violent acts towards women, and that he agrees to common Swedish values. Rather he thinks the Sweden Democrats talk against him just because he’s a Muslim.

Swedish far right populist takes a stand against the spread of Islam

Kent Ekeroth, international secretary of the far right Populist Party the Swedish Democrats (SD) said in an interview in Swedish Public Radio that SD could be described as an “Islam critic” party, working against the spread of Islam in Europe and Sweden, as well as against the building of mosques and especially mosques with minarets.

“Islams is not an ideology equivalent to any other political ideology,” according to Ekeroth, “Islam is an ideology incompatible with Western values”. The Swedish Democrats, he assured, “will not tolerate the spread of Islam.”