Dual Nationals to Lose Dutch Nationality for Membership in Terrorist Organizations

31 August 2013


New legislation in the Netherlands revokes Dutch nationality from dual nationals found to be members of terrorist organizations. Currently, individuals who voluntarily serve in an army engaged in military action against the Netherlands or one of its allies can have their Dutch nationality revoked.  However, the law will change to include those found “irrevocably guilty” of membership in a terrorist organization, or of helping to prepare a terrorist act by “providing information, knowledge and skills, or making materials available.” According to junior Justice Minister Fred Teeven, such a person is acting so much against the essential interests of the estate that there can no longer be a connection between him and the Netherlands.


Request to Confiscate “Jihadist Passports” by Dutch MPs

March 22 2013


Dutch Justice Minister Ivo Opstelten will investigate whether it is legally possible to confiscate the passports of young Dutch nationals who plan to fight in Syria, reports Nos television. The minister said in a cabinet meeting that “we have to prevent them from travelling”, following a majority of parliament members calling on the cabinet to investigate the possibility.

Al Qaeda Suspect to be Extradited to US from Netherlands

26 February 2013


Sabir Khan, a Dutch Pakistani al-Qaeda suspect, is to be extradited to the United States, where he is accused of planning acts of terror. The decision follows a decision by Netherlands Justice Minister Ivo Opstelten in December to extradite Khan. Khan’s lawyers attempted to overturn on the ground that his extradition to face five terror-related charges would breach the European Convention on Human Rights preventing torture as well as break Dutch law. Khan has been in the Netherlands since April 2011. Khan’s lawyer has announced he will now take the case to the European Court of Human Rights.

Update: Sharia4Holland Member Arrested in Amsterdam

May 29, 2012


Following statements last week from a member of the Sharia4Holland threatening politician Geert Wilders, the Freedom Party called for a ban on the organization. Justice Minister Ivo Opstelten stated that the organization posed a violent risk in the country.

Though a ban is impossible as the organization is not a legal entity, the public prosecution as well as police began an investigation into Sharia4Holland, subsequently arresting the spokesman responsible for last week’s comments, a 29 year old man.

Reports also note that the leader of Sharia4UK was also present at the press conference, and spoke briefly at the gathering, but did not make controversial comments.

Sharia4Holland is an offshoot of Sharia4Belgium. Both call for the establishment of a caliphate in their respective countries as well as the introduction of sharia law. Sharia4Belgium publicly condemns homosexuality, and established a sharia mediation court in Antwerp earlier this year.

The Dutch branch is considerably less established than the Belgian, with estimations of some one dozen members. Sharia4Belgium is headed by Fouad Abu Imran, whose slated appearance in Amsterdam generated the events leading to this week’s arrest.


Terror Risk Remains Low in Netherlands

26 March 2012


Justice Minister Ivo Opstelten told Dutch parliament in a briefing that the risk of a terrorist attack in the country remains low.  The limited threat which the country does face, Opstelten commented, stems from the potential perceived discrimination against Muslims in the country and the Dutch army’s role in military missions in Muslim majority countries such as Afghanistan.

Dutch Deputy Justice Minister Comments on Sharia Law

29 September 2011


Deputy Justice Minister of the Netherlands Fred Teeven has reasserted that Dutch law always takes precedence over the legal rules of other countries in the nation’s courts. The statement follows comments from anti-Islam MP Geert Wilders suggesting that because courts in the Netherlands sometimes conform to the legal rules of other countries in their consideration, Islamic law influences Dutch law. Teeven called the relationship between Dutch law and Islamic law ‘negligible’.

Dresden honours Egyptian “veil martyr”

The city of Dresden on Thursday paid its respects to a pregnant Egyptian woman who was stabbed to death in a courtroom one year ago in a racially motivated crime that outraged the Muslim world (http://www.euro-islam.info/2009/09/02/the-marwa-al-sherbini-case-investigators-believe-killer-hated-non-europeans-and-muslims).

Officials including Saxon Justice Minister Jürgen Martens honoured the memory of 31-year-old Marwa El-Sherbini, dubbed the “veil martyr,” with a plaque to serve as a warning against racism. “One year ago all of us were forced to realise the deadly logic of the hatred of foreigners,” said Martens, adding that the murder had shaken “Dresden, Germany and the entire world.” He promised not to stop fighting this misanthropic attitude. Members of the local Muslim community took part in the ceremony and a commemorative march was held later in the day.

A commemorative plaque was unveiled in the foyer of the regional court where the murder took place. The plaque’s inscription, written in both German and Arabic, read that the Egyptian has fallen victim to islamophobia and xenophobia, which she had fought with dignity and exemplary moral courage. “We bow to the victim of this dreadful and incomprehensible deed and join her family in grieving for her”, it reads.

Christian Demuth, of a local association for civil courage, and artist Johannes Köhler placed a sculpture in front of the court. It is a large knife of 1.50m made of concrete and is supposed to remind the citizens of Dresden of the everyday racism in the city. The association will set up 18 similar sculptures to the end of July, standing for “the small and big stabs that people in Dresden have to endure every day because of masked or open racism”, Demuth says.

Round table talks address Swiss Muslims’ problems

The vote to ban the construction of minarets in Switzerland has been a wake-up call to both the government and Swiss Muslims, round table talks have shown. Justice Minister Eveline Widmer-Schlumpf met six representatives of Islamic organisations in Bern on Monday, to discuss the situation of Muslims in the light of the anti-minaret vote passed by the Swiss public on November 29.

It was the third such meeting since the anti-minaret initiative was launched, but the first since it was passed. Follow-up meetings are planned where specific proposals will be discussed. Topics discussed included mosque construction, Islamic cemeteries and growing Islamophobia.

Swiss Justice Minister opposes proposed minaret ban

Banning the construction of minarets is more likely to serve the cause of religious fanatics than to halt extremism, the Swiss justice minister said on Thursday. Eveline Widmer-Schlumpf told a news conference in Bern that banning minarets would infringe basic human rights and endanger religious peace. A nationwide vote on the issue is to be held on November 29.

“Such a ban would clearly run counter to the basic values of the Swiss state, and would be incompatible with the fundamental rights and principles laid down in the constitution,” Widmer-Schlumpf said. She added that the ban would be discriminatory against Muslims, since other religious communities would not be affected. “We demand that the Muslims of Switzerland should respect our system of law and society,” she said. “If we expect this of Muslims, we must also treat them in the same way as everyone else living in the country as regards religious freedom.”

This comes shortly after the city of Zurich has approved the display of a controversial anti-Islamic poster of a far right party, showing a menacing looking woman in a burqa, next to minarets that closely resemble missiles standing on the Swiss flag. The party have been given the go-ahead by Zurich city council, which argues that they are a necessary component of free speech.

Germany aims to tighten law on training in terrorist camps

Berlin (dpa) – Attending a terrorist training camp should be punished with up to 10 years in prison, German Justice Minister Brigitte Zypries said on presenting an outline for new legislation in Berlin Tuesday. The move follows the cracking of an alleged Islamist terrorist cell on September 4. The three men who were arrested – two German converts to Islam and a Turk – had all undergone training last year in Pakistan. Zypries also said the new law would facilitate the deportation of dangerous foreigners and would aim to close gaps in current legislation.http://www.expatica.com/actual/article.asp?subchannel_id=52&story_id=44023