36% of Mercabarna slaughters are done following the Islamic Ritual


Mercabarna, the Barcelona’s slaughterhouse, is one of the most important slaughterhouses for Muslims in Spain. Last year 127,651 lambs were killed (32.8% of total) in Mercabarna following the Islamic ritual. Three quarters of these products were exported to south of France, Italy and even countries as Egypt or Turkey. Morocco is also an emerging market. The slaughterhouse employs nine Muslim slaughterers who are trained, approved and certified by the Halal Institute (supervised by Junta Islámica).

Death of Mansur Escudero, an historical Spanish Muslim figure

On October 3, Mansur Escudero died at the age of 62 years in his house of Almodovar del Río (Cordoba). Mansur, who converted to Islam at the end of the 70s, was an important advocate of the legal recognition of Islam in Spain. He was cofounder and president of the FEERI (the Spanish Federation of Islamic Religious Entities) and Junta Islámica de España. Mansur was a prominent Islamic leader and contributed to the Agreement of Cooperation between the Spanish State and the Islamic Commission in 1992. He also founded “Verde Islam” journal and the website “Webislam”, currently one of the most important online resources about Islam in Spanish language.

Obama invites the Spanish Junta Islámica to a Muslim entrepreneurs summit

The Junta Islámica and the Instituto Halal has received an invitation from the Obama Administration for a Muslim management summit. This meeting is related to the Cairo Speech given by Obama last year, where he announced his proposal to empower such types of encounters. The meeting will be held by 115 Muslim managers of several different countries and businesses.

The Junta Islámica (http://www.juntaislamica.org), created in the year 1989, is an association located in Andalucía (Cordoba), and composed mainly of Spanish converts to Islam. Its President, Mansur Escudero, was also the President of F.E.E.R.I. (Federación Española de Entidades Religiosas Islámicas) until 2002 (when he was replaced by Abdelkarim Carrasco) and Secretary General of C.I.E. (Comisión Islámica de España) until 2006.

Junta Islámica created the Instituto Halal (http://www.institutohalal.com/) with the purpose of developing those issues related to Islamic food supply in Spain (and abroad). Today this institute is the only one in Spain to have developed a Halal Food Certificate (Halal Guarantee Brand of the Junta Islámica). Junta Islámica also created the Islam-related news website Webislam (http://www.webislam.com/).

Inaugural Spanish Muslim Fair to be held in Lavapies (Madrid)

From the 19th to the 21st of February, the first Spanish Muslim Fair will be celebrated in Lavapies, a neighborhood in Madrid. This event is promoted by the Muslim federation (FEME), the CISCOVA (Federation of Muslim Associations in Valencia) and the Halal Institute (an organization within the Muslim association Junta Islámica).The aim of the event is to increase the visibility of Muslims and Islamic culture in Spain. There are a lot of activities scheduled, including conferences, musical performances and food sampling. The fair will include 32 booths representing different Islamic entities and other associations and institutions that work in this field.