More police presence requested around the Mosque’s area

08 August 2012

The spokesman for the Partido Popular (PP) in Mataro, Jose Manuel Lopez, announced that his party has received dozens of complaints from neighbors about the alleged trouble generated by users of the mosques, especially during the time of Ramadan, when a large number of believers concentrate on the city streets until the wee hours of the morning. The citizens of those areas pointed out that the municipal government had promised them to solve this problem.
Lopez said that “I do not understand that, despite the schedule restructuring of the local police, still the officers present at these points and times are zero.”

Pluralism and Coexistence Foundation puts Ceuta as an example of normalization of the Muslim issues

17 May 2012
The director of the Foundation for Pluralism and Coexistence (FPC), Jose Manuel Lopez, went to Ceuta to participate with the Counselor of Education, Culture and Women, Mabel Deu, in the awarding diplomas ceremony to students of Spanish Language courses for religious leaders, an initiative that also includes the Instituto Cervantes, and that according to Lopez  settles Ceuta as an example of normalization of Muslim issues.

The FPC  intends to standardize the religious issues, from which the Muslim issues are also a part, and Ceuta in this field is “fundamental” to the State, considered Lopez  because “diversity is normal here for years” while in the peninsula, “the people think of Muslims as foreigners” even when 35%  of the Muslims living in the country are Spanish.