Dutch artists integrate veil debate in artworks

A Dutch artist and fashion designer plan to discuss the strong emotional sentiments concerning Muslim headwear at an event at the Van Abbe Museum in Eindhoven on November 23, 2008. The two plan to present their work in order to integrate their opinions about the burqa and the hijab or headscarf.

The strong feelings that Muslim headwear evokes among Dutch nationals is something artist Joeb Koenings feels important to discuss. “Design always has the capacity to provoke emotions among people. The garment is automatically associated with a culture that many people fear. People respond very instinctively when they see a burqa or Muslim headscarf,” says Koenings.

Fashion designer Cindy van den Breman will discuss her collection of fashionable Muslim headwear. Breman has also been involved in developing the first prototype of Muslim sportswear. The two plan to discuss the changing viewpoints of clothing, style, and modesty in light of issues surrounding Islamic garments in the Netherlands.

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