Friday in Reggio Emilia, a conference about Islam with Giorgio Morini Mazzoli



The Reggio Emilia Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem continues to present informational and cultural activities, including three new events open to the public, admission is free.

The first meeting, scheduled for Friday, May 10 at 6 p.m., at the Hall of the “Palazzo del Capitano del Popolo” in Reggio Emilia, will be with Dr. Giorgio Morini Mazzoli, who will moderate a conference entitled “Islam little known”.

Germany: A hotbed of Hizbullah activity

Khaled Kashkush is not the first Hizbullah spy to be recruited and trained in Germany. In 1997 the Lebanese Shi’ite movement recruited Stefan Smyrek, a German who converted to Islam, to carry out a suicide attack in Tel Aviv or Haifa. Smyrek, whose father was a British soldier stationed in Germany, was arrested at Ben-Gurion Airport and released as part of a prisoner swap in 2004. Alexander Ritzmann, a Hizbullah expert and senior fellow at the European Foundation for Democracy, told The Jerusalem Post on Wednesday that mosques and Iranian cultural centers in such cities as Hamburg, Berlin and M_nster were hotbeds of Hizbullah activity. The terrorist organization has not been outlawed in Germany, and its approximately 900 supporters are permitted to raise funds and call for the destruction of Israel. The number of Hizbullah members in Germany has grown from 800 in 2006 to 900 in 2007, according to German intelligence reports. The Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution – Germany’s domestic intelligence agency – identified Hizbullah as a threat to the country’s democracy in its annual report for 2007. Jerusalem Post Benjamin Weinthal reports.

Sarkozy Says Israel Must Share Jerusalem with Palestinians

President Nicolas Sarkozy has told Israel in his state visit that there will be no Middle East peace without ceding sovereignty over some parts of Jerusalem. Speaking to the legislature, Sarkozy also called Israel to stop settlements in the West Bank, tempering his message by assuring Israel France would back the halting of Iran’s nuclear program. Reactions were less enthusiastic than his opening, which praised Israel’s democracy and quoted a biblical passage where God promises the Holy Land to the children of Israel. Sarkozy’s visit includes talks with Israeli and Palestinian leaders, a visit to Bethlehem and a meeting with the parents of an Israeli soldier (who holds French citizenship) held by Palestinian militants.