Easy to recruit young people to terrorism in Denmark

Leading experts on terrorism think Denmark is developing into a nesting box for Islamic extremists. On a Danish conference on terrorism Ghaffar Hussain, leader of the Quilliam Outreach and Training Unit, said that the feeling of being an outsider and not being part of the society is extensive among young Muslims in Denmark. This makes it easy to recruit young Danish Muslims to terrorism. The Israeli terror expert Jonathan Fine and Stephen Tankel from the International Center for the Study of Radicalization at Kings College said that the Muhammad Cartoon Crisis has placed Denmark high on the terrorists list of targets. Also the Swedish terror expert Magnus Ranstorp points out that Denmark is an attractive target among terrorist groups. “An attack on Denmark would mean money and prestige for a terrorist group” Ranstorp says.

The head of the secret service, Jakob Scharf, says there is a need for understanding the motivational factors that leads to radicalizing. He says the feeling of being marginalized is a very important motivational factor towards radicalization and that Denmark therefore has to focus on including young Muslims to a greater extent.

Denmark: Muslims walk out of terrorism conference after Islamophobic comments by legislator

Several Muslim attendees walked out of a “Terrorism and Communication” conference hosted by the Danish Security and Surveillance Agency.

A local pubic broadcaster notes that Muslim guests, including an imam, decided to leave after Soren Esperson from the Danish People’s Party stood up and said that Islam is one of the world’s problems. Esperson’s comments came after the head of the Danish Security and Intelligence Service, Jakob Scharf, opened the conference by saying that Islam cannot be equated with terrorism, and argued that doing so complies with the demands of al-Qaeda’s fear-driven tactics.