Everyone knew about Omar H. possible flight

Jihadi Omar H. was sentenced for a year, with four months probation. After these four months he was able to leave the Netherlands, despite that the authorities were aware of his situation. And the information about his possible flight from the country was shared with all these authorities. Beside this, his passport was revoked and he was cut off from his financial resources. But in the Schengen-area and Turkey one is able to travel with a identity-card. Ivo Opstelten, minister Security and Justice however is working on the prohibition of this too.

Dutch cabinet conveys meeting with Islamic organizations on Muslim hatred

Dutch Vice-Prime Minister Lodewijk Asscher and Minister of Security and Justice Ivo Opstelten conducted a meeting on 9 January with representatives from various Muslim communities. The Contact Organization for Muslims and State (CMO), the Council of Dutch Moroccan Mosques (RMMN), the Co-determination Organization of Turks (IOT), and the Dutch Corporation for Refugees (VON) have attended the meeting. The immediate cause of the meeting was the posed threat to Dutch mosques, which has become even more urgent due to current developments.

The attack in France led to feelings of abhorrence and dismay. This was widely expressed during the meeting. There was mutual appreciation of the warm responses and expressions of solidarity from society. However at the same time concern was expressed over the rising tensions caused by the Paris assault, the incidents in Sweden and the anti-Islam demonstrations in surrounding countries.

Due to the increase of incidents against mosques in the Netherlands an appeal was made for an increased attention for Muslim hatred. Concrete agreements were made to improve the registration of acts of Muslim hatred. The Dutch cabinet has expressed their commitment to vigilantly observe the security conditions and, of necessary, take additional protection measures.

Role of female jihad-recruiters is being underestimated

Experts on the topic of rad

Women are increasingly part of jihadi organizations' recruiting process.
Women are increasingly part of jihadi organizations’ recruiting process.

icalization say that the government should pay more attention to the role of women in recruiting people for the armed jihad in Syria and Iraq. They say this with regard to Shukri F., who is said to have recruited 6 persons for fighting in Syria.

According to researcher Amy-Jane Gielen there should be more focus on their role, but minister Ivo Opstelten (Security and Justice) doesn’t want to distinguish between men and women.

Request to Confiscate “Jihadist Passports” by Dutch MPs

March 22 2013


Dutch Justice Minister Ivo Opstelten will investigate whether it is legally possible to confiscate the passports of young Dutch nationals who plan to fight in Syria, reports Nos television. The minister said in a cabinet meeting that “we have to prevent them from travelling”, following a majority of parliament members calling on the cabinet to investigate the possibility.

Al Qaeda Suspect to be Extradited to US from Netherlands

26 February 2013


Sabir Khan, a Dutch Pakistani al-Qaeda suspect, is to be extradited to the United States, where he is accused of planning acts of terror. The decision follows a decision by Netherlands Justice Minister Ivo Opstelten in December to extradite Khan. Khan’s lawyers attempted to overturn on the ground that his extradition to face five terror-related charges would breach the European Convention on Human Rights preventing torture as well as break Dutch law. Khan has been in the Netherlands since April 2011. Khan’s lawyer has announced he will now take the case to the European Court of Human Rights.

Update: Sharia4Holland Member Arrested in Amsterdam

May 29, 2012


Following statements last week from a member of the Sharia4Holland threatening politician Geert Wilders, the Freedom Party called for a ban on the organization. Justice Minister Ivo Opstelten stated that the organization posed a violent risk in the country.

Though a ban is impossible as the organization is not a legal entity, the public prosecution as well as police began an investigation into Sharia4Holland, subsequently arresting the spokesman responsible for last week’s comments, a 29 year old man.

Reports also note that the leader of Sharia4UK was also present at the press conference, and spoke briefly at the gathering, but did not make controversial comments.

Sharia4Holland is an offshoot of Sharia4Belgium. Both call for the establishment of a caliphate in their respective countries as well as the introduction of sharia law. Sharia4Belgium publicly condemns homosexuality, and established a sharia mediation court in Antwerp earlier this year.

The Dutch branch is considerably less established than the Belgian, with estimations of some one dozen members. Sharia4Belgium is headed by Fouad Abu Imran, whose slated appearance in Amsterdam generated the events leading to this week’s arrest.


Terror Risk Remains Low in Netherlands

26 March 2012


Justice Minister Ivo Opstelten told Dutch parliament in a briefing that the risk of a terrorist attack in the country remains low.  The limited threat which the country does face, Opstelten commented, stems from the potential perceived discrimination against Muslims in the country and the Dutch army’s role in military missions in Muslim majority countries such as Afghanistan.

Suspicious Package Delivered to Dutch Mosque

November 7 2010

The area around the Turkish mosque in Almelo was closed off Wednesday after a suspicious package was discovered next to the women’s entrance. The police were alerted and deployed the bomb disposal unit. After investigating the package they concluded that the package, which seemed to contain a detonator, did not contain any explosives. Following the incident Minister of Safety and Justice Ivo Opstelten emphasized that fighting violence against mosques, churches and synagogues remains a top priority for himself, “the government, the police and the local government”.

Moroccan-born politician becomes first-ever Muslim mayor in Holland

Social Affairs State Secretary Ahmed Aboutaleb will succeed Ivo Opstelten as the mayor of Rotterdam, the second largest city in the Netherlands. Aboutaleb is a member of the Labour party, and has been nominated by the local council to seat the position. He has both Moroccan and Dutch nationality, and is known for combining his Muslim faith with a political style that is characteristically Dutch. The appointment, of the first Muslim nominated for a mayoral position, still needs to be formally confirmed by the home affairs ministry.

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