Madonna and the Chains of Islam

July 7, 2013


Depicted with a facial veil made of steel. A Battle for Women or Marketing? Awaiting her New Project


After the cross, Madonna breaks down to the sound of metal. The latest provocation is likely to unleash a wave of protests more incendiary than those created by the burning of the Koran. But the material girl explains on Instagram: “The revolution of love is the game … Inshallah,” which in Arabic means “if God wills.”
The latest gossip would suggest that this will be the last project of the pop star. Not just a publicity stunt, which was launched on the eve of Ramadan, the Muslim month of fasting that begins on July 9.
Madonna, the artist has posted a picture of her face covered by a niqab (Islamic veil that covers the face of women) in steel mesh.
SADO MASO-ISLAMIC. The photo is part of a series that will be released soon in the magazine Harper’s Bazaar, in which Madonna performs with her teeth in gold and diamonds – the latest fad among the stars of Hollywood – while shaking the metal veil.